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Want to go deeper in your practice of yoga? Want specialized attention to help with flexibility and strength? Working on getting over an injury and want to get stronger? New to yoga and afraid people will stare at your inflexibility? Then a private yoga class is perfect for you!Learn More

Life Coach

Be A SOUL On FIRE!  Get a Spiritual Navigation Session with Erin and transform your life!  A Spiritual Navigation session combines Theta Clearing (Clearing old belief patterns), Reiki and Spiritual Guidance. Erin also combines yoga with life coachingfor an overall mind, body and spirit experience!  Email to get your FREE 30 Minute Consultation over the phone or Skype.  This work can be done from any where!Learn More

Motivational Speaking

Hire me for your next speaking event, pampering party, networking group, or gathering.  I have given talks and taught workshops all over the world involving yoga,manifesting, mindfulness, mind training, Theta Clearing, How To Live Your Dream Life Now, Soul Fire Sessions, positivity, awareness, Ayurvedic Nutrition, how to succeed in business and relationships and how you can have anything you desire!Learn More

Wellness Packages

Remember that dream get away  you have been meaning to take?  Remember that relaxing time in a tropical place you keep thinking about, but life keeps getting in the way and pushing that dream further and further away?  Maybe you just don’t have the time to organize it, plan it, or put it into action.  That is where I come in! Pure Light Wellness offers many different ways to relax, rejuvenate and reset yourself including Private Yoga Retreats to beautiful locations!Learn More

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Letting Go….

  • July 22nd, 2014

Letting go, maybe one of our biggest challenges.  How often do you find

What Client’s Say

My husband and I have worked with Erin for the last 3 months and love her private classes. We are beginners with different challenges and strengths and she is able to fully support each of us with tailored poses and stretches within a single class. She has such a serene presence while also being lots of fun – she works with us in the way we need and blends meditation with our yoga to help us with our many different goals. She’s just fantastic – I highly recommend her!
Ellen G.,
Erin is a dream yoga partner; supportive, easy-going, calming and sweet. My fiance and I took her Sunday morning beach (woot!) class and both couldn’t stop talking about it. There is nothing quite like yoga outside and especially in the sand, with the gentle breeze, sound of the ocean and learning to be focused when teenage girls are hollering a few yards away! ;) Erin takes it all in stride and created a supportive space to practice, even in the wide open. Clearly, I can’t recommend her enough!
Mac M.,
Erin’s private yoga sessions leave me feeling so relaxed and out of my head. I really appreciate her style of teaching and she incorporates her teaching around what you want. If you want flexibility, strengthening, or meditation and to learn more about yoga. She has a vast knowledge on many different topics of yoga. I appreciate the assisted stretching and meditation to help me relax.
Lola B.,
I met Erin when I was in a sort of grey area of my life. I wasn’t depressed but also wasn’t completely happy and fulfilled, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. Erin helped me to clear all of the junk out of my mind. All of the worry, anxiety, stress and negative thoughts that weren’t serving me anymore slowly started to melt away. I was able to decipher what I really want and need out of my life as opposed to what was comforting and holding me back. Since meeting Erin my life has taken a total 180, I’ve made a major switch in my career, am preparing to move to a new city and my relationships with my friends and family have deepened. But most importantly I believe that I deserve to be 100% happy in every aspect of my life and I’m not afraid to go after it anymore!
Erin McGuire of Pure Light Yoga embodies completely the essence of her specialty. She masters what many yogi strive to achieve- in that her students feel a piece of Erin’s “light”, or rather spirit, while practicing in her class. Tranquil and kind words assured me as a beginner in her class. Not once did I feel left behind or confused with poses as Erin seemlessly, yet meticulously, tended to each of students as if we were her flowers in a garden. Her inner pure light was nuturing and warm- planting my roots to grow to a life practice of yoga.
Erin exemplifies the serenity of great yoga teacher and brings a feminine confidence into the room. She is very adept with movement modifications and helps you to feel at ease with your practice.
I had tried taking yoga classes a few times but never got into it until I took Erin’s beach yoga class back in February. It changed my mind completely. My body and soul started craving yoga every day! I have lived with scoliosis for over ten years and Erin has helped me strengthen my core and back muscles helping relieve pain and tension. I’m a photographer and so I am on set for 10, 12 and sometimes 16 hour days. It’s not uncommon to see me bust out a downward dog or some cat cows throughout the shoot! Erin has me hooked on yoga and I love it!!
Kori Stanton, Photographer
Erin is an amazing yoga instructor. I highly recommend her. She knows what she is doing and she’s also very good at it. In fact, I would say that she is one of the best. Erin takes personal training to that next level, so different from just taking any yoga class. P.S. She also has a really good attitude.
Sasha Carrion,
I’ve been studying yoga for fifteen years and I found Erin McGuire a generous, patient, and fun – yes, fun! – teacher. Her enthusiasm and spirit radiate into the classroom, creating a safe and playful environment for breath-full relaxation, healing and transformation.