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I could not be more proud of the two online coaching programs I created in 2018!  My 12 Week Empowered Women Program and my 9 month Transformational Coaching Certification Program are open for registration!  I am looking for women who are ready to be ALL in and RISE into their greatness.  That means leaving old stories about who you think you are, the feeling of not good enough, being disempowered and lacking confidence far far behind you!  And so much more.  When one of us rises as women we all benefit.  These programs with transform your life and I would love to share more about them with you!

The results the first group got from these programs were incredible: losing weight, finding self love, having more peace in their life, gaining clarity on what is important to them, healing relationships, finding forgiveness, releasing negativity and unwanted patterns and on and on and on.  Our next program launches March 5th, 2020.  I am so excited to share it with you now!

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