After over a month of being in quarantine and living in the Twilight Zone, we are all experiencing life in a different way. We have our ups and downs emotionally with this and it is most certainly affecting our lives in all ways. There are many different ways to deal with crisis. A lot of people go into fear, scarcity and a survival mindset. Some just put on a happy face and pretend it doesn’t bother them. And so many different ways in between. There is no right way to handle this situation we are in, because none of us have ever lived through something like this, so we don’t know. In this video, I provide a way of looking at it from a higher perspective. This in no way is a means to take you away from your feelings, as a huge part of healing is feeling. So know that you will be on a rollercoaster of emotion during this and even when life returns to “normal” as we know it won’t be the same normal we were once used to. This will continue to unravel and so will you. We can go into fear and stay stuck, or we can feel our feelings as they come up and RISE into what is next with new awareness and understanding of ourselves and what we want.