It is my passion and purpose to inspire you to step into your light.  We all have old stories from our past that get caught in the webbing of our subconscious mind and keep us playing out old programs that aren’t true for us any more.  We often wonder, why does this keep happening to me, or why can’t I move forward in my life?  Sometimes we don’t even know what is hidden in our subconscious mind, but it is old stuff from as far back as childhood that triggers us as adults.  The good news?  It can all be cleared and you can be free from those old stories and past issues.

That is where I come in.  I have helped people heal from many different things from emotional eating and weight issues, doubting the self, low self confidence/self worth, people pleasing, co-dependency, anxiety, sleep issues, relationship problems, negative thought patterns, financial issues, finding their purpose and passion and being in a career that they love.  I know I can help you too.

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I also work with kids and teens.

  • Theta Clearing
  • Reiki Master
  • Spiritual Guide
  • Motivational Speaker

Are you ready to make this your best year yet?  To achieve that goal, feel more at peace, and experience more joy in your life?

I would love to support you!

I am here to tell you that by simply changing your beliefs, you can change your life. I help people who are in transition, who may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or disconnected by finding and clearing the blocks in their life that are keeping them from creating their best life and finding the personal, relationship, professional and financial success of their dreams.

I shine my light as an Energy Wellness Expert, Reiki Master, Intuitive Life Coach, and Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Instructor to illuminate the blocks that are holding you back in your life and help you find the path to break through and realize the life that has been waiting for you.

Sessions with me leave you feeling lighter and more clear about what your next step is to take and what you truly want and desire. Together we clear fear beliefs that are keeping you stuck and release blocks towards what you truly want. Using the tools of Theta Clearing, Reiki, Yogic principles and Coaching, I develop a plan that is specific to what you are currently needing. I have a group coaching program and also work with clients privately from any where in the world.

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