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When I created this program, I had no idea to the extent that it would change people’s lives.  I knew I wanted to create something bigger, something that could help more people at once and that I wanted those people to feel better about themselves and their life.

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It's Time to Turn Your Light ALL the Way On!

You may be like I was 10 years ago.

Knowing in my bones that I had a purpose to serve and inspire others, but I didn’t know how I was going to do that.  I had a lot of fear come up when I thought about stepping into my purpose.  Maybe you can relate?

I was afraid I wasn’t going to be good enough at it.

I was afraid I wasn’t good enough, or worthy enough to have such a role or title.

I thought, who am I to be a coach?  Who am I to inspire others and assist them in changing their lives?

But that inner voice kept telling me to keep going, to move forward, to take the next step and to trust myself.

I am so glad I did.  I wasn’t perfect.  I am still not perfect.  Perfection is an illusion and it is a stealer of joy.

I had to learn to Own My Worth, Claim My Power, Speak My Truth, and BE ALL IN.

When I decided then and there to deeply trust my intuition and ONLY take action that ALIGNED with my highest vision and highest self, EVERYTHING changed.

It was then that I remembered who I was and I took my power back!  And guess what?

My life started to change in massive ways and I stepped into being the coach, healer and leader I always felt in my bones.

My “job” now gives me purpose, it fuels my passion to serve others and I know it is what I was put on this earth to do: uplift, inspire, motivate and heal.

But did you know that you could learn to become a coach and healer through my certification program? Heck YES!

My program is now OPEN for Enrollment for 2020!

Here’s What I Know to Be True…

The world needs more women who are lit up from within and owning their power and worth and being lights in this world.

You have a duty to be the most confident, empowered, healthy, lit up version of YOU.

And THAT version of you exists NOW – it’s time to be ALL of her.

 Because it’s from THAT space that you’re of the highest service to the planet and living a life of freedom, abundance, purpose and magic becomes your new normal.

The more of us that RISE together the better for everyone!

If you have been feeling that inner call, but afraid of how that will happen, who are you to do such a thing, or feel like you are not good/perfect/enough enough…then we need to talk!

And don’t worry if you feel like your life is messy, or that you need to work on yourself first, because that is exactly what we do in my program.

The first 4 months are all about you healing, growing and transforming.

You will never be perfect and you don’t have to be perfect to be a coach!

You just have to be willing to do your own inner work to be able to shine for others.

This is the year to turn your power, purpose and passion ON and light the way for others to do the same!! Let me show you how.

Apply Now!

There are two parts to this program.

12 Radiant Life Modules

I have had the privilege of working with thousands of people over the last decade of owning my business. Working one-on-one, doing workshops and teaching international retreats.

There is nothing greater than being able to inspire another person to change their life and be a guide in helping them to do that.

The tools and techniques that I have learned over the 10 years I have been studying, learning and working with clients have been amazing.

I had to learn how to heal my own story of unworthiness, feeling not good enough, pain, sorrow to be able to help others. That is exactly what I did. I took my own journey using all the tools and techniques I give you in this program and I utilized those tools to help others.

My work is both coaching clients and using energy work to shift the unwanted beliefs and stories at a cellular and energetic level.

The combo of life coaching and energy work is very unique and it pairs so well together and gives the client a well-rounded experience. This training is designed to take you through your own journey of healing and teach you how to work with clients at a deep, transformative level.

The women that have taken the training have had massive shifts in their lives from how they think, feel about the world and themselves and in how quickly they are manifesting what they want in their life.

They all said, “This was the best investment I have made in myself!”

This is not just a coaching certification program, your life will go through a transformation on all levels and it is through that transformation that you will succeed in assisting clients in their transformation. This is a 9 month program that will cover all the bases in being a Transformational Coach and Healer that makes an impact in your community.

The Alchemy Program is broken down in the following ways:

    • 12 weeks of the Group Coaching Program-for your own inner healing and empowering journey.  See the module breakdown of that above.

    • 3 weeks of learning about getting into a Theta Brain Wave State and clearing subconscious limiting beliefs on yourself.  This is very empowering work.

    • 5 weeks of preparing you internally to become a coach.  I call this Inner Management.  We go over Worthiness, Mindfulness and Self-Care, your Relationship to Money, Time, and finally Cleaning the Vessel being ready to see clients.

    • 14 weeks of learning how to work with clients in various ways.  I teach many different techniques from basic life coaching, to transformational, to deep emotional healing and subconscious belief clearing on others to be able to work with clients that have suffered trauma, addiction and anxiety.  You get to pick which tools for transformation you use.

    • 4 weeks of Business Bootcamp-learn how to do proper sales calls without feeling sleazy, how to speak your truth and tell your story to connect to your audience, ideal client work, marketing, marketing for social media and how to do FB ads, branding and more!

    • Life After Alchemy-how to keep yourself aligned after this journey of transformation and learning you had.

    • A huge part of the program is the Community!  You will be surrounded by a community of women who will support and love you!

I teach you in this program how you can quite literally pay back this program in 3-4 months, or less if you apply what I teach you.  I can’t guarantee that of course that is up to you and how you apply this, however it is very doable to have this entire course paid for after you graduate if you are working with clients right away.

In this program, you will….

Who is this for?

You Want To: 

✔ Make Real Change in the World

✔ Build Confidence and Courage

✔ Inspire, Heal, and Coach Others

✔ Step into Your Divine Purpose and Live Your Passion

✔ Stop Playing Small and Dimming Your Light

✔ Step into Your Power and Live a Lit Up Life

✔ Stop Worrying About What Others Think and Just Go For It

✔ Increase Self-Compassion

✔ Find a Supportive Community

✔ Beat Fear

✔ Have Your Own Personal Growth and Transformation

Option 1

$4900(pay in full, or 12 payments of $392, after deposit)
  • Special Investment for a limited time only (save over $1000 Early Bird Price)
  • Deposit to hold your space is $400 taken out of total amount.

Option 2

$7,900(pay in full, or 12 payments of $608)
  • Full 9 Month Certification Program + 6 day/night business building retreat (not including flight)
  • Deposit to hold your space is $800 taken out of total amount.


What type of certification do I receive?2020-02-06T22:39:30-06:00

There currently is no licensing in place for life coaching.  You do not need a license to practice.  There is currently no accrediting board or coaching body that truly matters to clients and if one does arise, we will be the first to get ourselves approved.  The coaching boards that are out there, do not recognize the healing modalities included in this program as being a part of their accreditation.  To me, the healing aspect is essential to this program and one that I don’t want to compromise on.  Once an accreditation comes along that sees both aspects as valid and important in a person’s transformation, I will be happy to get approved.  This is the only certification program of its kind and is very unique in terms of the kind of work we do.  You will be given a certificate of completion in the Alchemy Standard of Coaching.

What is the difference between a life coach and a counselor?2018-10-04T17:34:20-05:00

We do not take insurance, like a social worker or psychologist.  To become a counselor, social worker, or psychologist requires many more years of schooling and a lot more money to do so.  You could virtually have this program paid back within 3-6 months of this training if you follow the outline that I give you (I can’t guarantee that of course, it depends on how you take action, but it is 100% possible).  Also, from talking to people who have gotten social work, or counseling degrees, you are limited in what you can do and provide based on the insurance side.  So it is up to you as to how you want to work with clients.  I will teach you how to be a bad ass diva who gets results if that is what you want!

We don’t get into depression, anxiety (I do a bit, because I have extensive work with it) but we do not diagnosis ANYthing, nor provide drugs.  We can also send them to people we know and trust that could help them further.  Basically when you are marketing yourself, you are going to share what it is that you feel comfortable working with.  So having a question form that people fill out to see what is going on with them is good.  We will be discussing all of this in the training as well as what we can’t do and who we can’t work with.

What if I have to miss one of the live calls? Are they recorded?2019-11-18T16:55:13-06:00

Yes, all of the calls are recorded for you to watch in your own time if you have to miss.

What if I have resistance to something we are talking about, is that normal?2019-11-18T17:02:08-06:00

Yes, resistance, unfortunately is part of the human experience.  We usually resist what we most need.  This program, with the help of myself and the other ladies in the group, will keep you accountable via our weekly live calls, Facebook group and your accountability sheet that you send to me each week.  I am here to keep you on track and moving forward towards your goals and intentions!

Is the program all online?2019-11-18T16:53:02-06:00

Yes, you will receive your homework each week to do at the time that works best for you.  Once a week we will hop on a live call at a set time where you will get a chance to see all the ladies in the group with you, because it is a video chat.  This is the next best thing to being in person and really allows you to connect to all the ladies in the program.

How much time per week does it take to do this program?2019-11-18T17:00:37-06:00

Plan on about 2-3 hours per week for all the homework, video and live calls for the first 4 months.  For the remaining 5 months, their are additional responsibilities of doing partner calls and eventually client calls (towards the very end).  I would plan about 5 hours per week for the remaining 5 months, but it could vary and be less.

Does my life need to look perfect and do I need to have it all together all the time to be a coach?