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NOW is a perfect time to be HAPPY!

Couldn’t think of a better message myself. Choose NOW to make your life happy, no matter what has happened to you in the past, no matter how bad it seems right now, you get to choose how you respond and react to everything. There are people who, right now, are achieving the impossible. […]

NOW is a perfect time to be HAPPY!2019-03-08T10:40:46-05:00

It’s OK to just rest.

This is me today, this weekend. Sometimes. I struggled with posting this picture, because I look tired, with messy hair and absolutely no makeup. But I also tire of all the perfect pics we all post on social media only showing the happy and perfect moments. This weekend I felt horrible, whether it […]

It’s OK to just rest.2019-03-08T10:36:20-05:00

Be gentle with yourself.

Throwback to a warmer time. I have been feeling a bit lower lately. I feel like I am going through growing pains and they aren’t always pretty. Being an entrepreneur and someone who is inspired by growth and change can be exhausting sometimes. I found myself yesterday comparing myself to other women in […]

Be gentle with yourself.2019-03-08T10:18:52-05:00
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