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Kundalini Yoga Class for First Chakra and Grounding

Follow along with me as I lead you in a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation video for the first Chakra and to ground you. Kundalini yoga is very powerful and put me on the path that I am on today. I love sharing it with others. This is the first class in a set of 8 […]

Kundalini Yoga Class for First Chakra and Grounding2017-11-05T15:50:09-05:00

Change Your Mindset About Money

Money. It is a very powerful piece of paper. We put a lot of weight on money. We get mad when money doesn’t work for us. We base a lot of big decisions around money and we often loose ourselves for our pursuit of it. Money comes with a host of beliefs and most of […]

Change Your Mindset About Money2017-11-05T15:50:09-05:00

Meditation to Conquer Self Anamosity

This meditation will help you learn to love yourself in a deep way, by letting go of the ways we criticize, or are mean to ourself. It is a Kundalini meditation and is very powerful in working with the breath to move the stuck energy out.

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For my 40 Days of Radical Self […]

Meditation to Conquer Self Anamosity2016-12-06T10:29:27-05:00

How the Subconscious Mind Works

In this video I go into detail on the ins and outs of the subconscious mind, how it works and how to make it work in your favor.  Subscribe to my channel to get all the latest videos.

In this video I go into detail on the ins and outs of the subconscious mind, how it […]

How the Subconscious Mind Works2016-12-02T15:02:14-05:00

Why Do We Emotionally Eat?



As we get busier with the pressures of life and all there is to do, it is easy to feel out of control.  One way of dealing with those emotions is by turning to food.

Emotional eating is defined as overeating in order to relieve negative emotions. Emotional eating is […]

Why Do We Emotionally Eat?2017-11-05T15:50:09-05:00
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