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Meditation to Conquer Self Anamosity

This meditation will help you learn to love yourself in a deep way, by letting go of the ways we criticize, or are mean to ourself. It is a Kundalini meditation and is very powerful in working with the breath to move the stuck energy out.

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For my 40 Days of Radical Self […]

Meditation to Conquer Self Anamosity2016-12-06T10:29:27-05:00

Changing Negative Thoughts-Going From Fear to Love

There has been so much violence and unease in our world as of recently. Our country is going through some major growing pains and many people are scared of the future. In this video I share some tips on switching your thoughts from fear to love and how that can help us all as a […]

Changing Negative Thoughts-Going From Fear to Love2016-07-21T10:31:01-05:00

Meditation to Clear Anger and Negativity

In this video, I teach you a meditation from Kundalini Yoga that helps to release anger and negativity. Do not do this meditation for more than 3 min at a time. It is a very powerful meditation. Do it as a personal practice for 40 days, or when you feel angry and upset. It will […]

Meditation to Clear Anger and Negativity2017-11-05T15:50:09-05:00

Why is it Hard to Set Boundaries?

In this video I discuss why it can be hard to set boundaries and what happens when you do set them. Boundaries are super important for self love and sometimes we have a hard time setting them and sticking to them, because of co-dependency.  We find it hard to speak our truth and then we […]

Why is it Hard to Set Boundaries?2017-11-05T15:50:09-05:00

Am I Passive Aggressive?

Are you passive aggressive?  Do you often not speak your truth about what you need and want and then get upset or angry in non-verbal ways to the person that is upsetting you?  We often are not taught how to speak up for our needs, or we are taught by our caregivers that our needs […]

Am I Passive Aggressive?2017-11-05T15:50:09-05:00
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