It’s Time for a Journey Back to Yourself!

In December of 2016, I went to Costa Rica for a month.  I needed to be in nature and take a new journey.  During that trip, I came across this beautiful hotel and space in Dominical, in the Southern part of Costa Rica.

I knew I had to bring people back to this place.

We did a retreat here in 2017 and it was nothing short of amazing!

Click the images to link to the hotel, which has literally jaw-dropping views

March 5-11, 2017 we will be journeying into the jungle of Costa Rica and exploring on this adventure/yoga/transformational retreat.

I would absolutely love to have you on my retreat!  It is going to be a very special trip.

This is a luxury retreat in the southern part of Costa Rica, called Dominical.  It is near the amazing jungle of Corcovado, which is supposed to be the absolute best to see the real, raw Costa Rica.

This is all-inclusive, so you pay the fee and Everything is included-all the trips, food, transfers, hotel.  The only thing that is not included is your airfare.  Alcohol will be available at the resort, but is not encouraged and is not included.

Everyday there will be 1 yoga class-mostly Kundalini, but we will also do some Hatha, restorative and yin yoga as well.
There will be group “workshop” type activities including energy clearing specifically to what the group wants and needs, as well as Reiki and life coaching.

We will be hiking to a waterfall, jungle trekking, zip lining, 1 massage, going to the wildlife sanctuary where you will see sloths up close and personal, we will be doing vegetarian, super healthy and detoxifying meals that also taste really good, and of course going to the beach.  Dominical is also a big surf town, so lots to see there-the town itself is pretty small, but lots of cool shops, etc.

Two great pricing options & friends/family add on

Private Villa

$2800per person
  • Like having a whole apartment to yourself

2 Bedroom Villa

$2400per person
  • Shared Villa with your own room

Shared room

$1950per person
  • Share a room with another person

This is going to be a transformational, luxury retreat that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and elevated.

Please email me with any questions