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I See You.

The good news? I have helped thousands of women just like you release these old ways of being and truly feel empowered in their lives.

Program Details

12 Radiant Life Modules

Option 1

  • Special Investment for a limited time only: 12 Week Empowered Women Program
  • (pay in full, or 4 payments of $285)

Option 2

  • 12 Week Empowered Women Program + 4 private one-on-one sessions
  • (pay in full, or 4 payments of $449)

The women that have taken this program had massive shifts in their lives from how they think, feel about the world and themselves and in how quickly they are manifesting what they want in their life.

They all said, “This was the best investment in myself I have ever made.”

In this program, you will….

Who is this for?

Anyone who is looking to improve in one or more of these areas:

✔ Make real change

✔ Build confidence and courage

✔ Discover your passions

✔ Conquer anxiety

✔ Deepen your relationships

✔ Increase inner peace

✔ Become the happiest you

✔ Achieve work/life balance

✔ Have deeper self love

✔ Become more productive

✔ Add more fun to your life

✔ Stop procrastinating

✔ Get unstuck 

✔ Quit addictive habits

✔ Feel more energy

✔ Conquer health goals

✔ Find a supportive community

✔ Get a new job

✔ Increase self-compassion

✔ Beat fear

✔ Have healthier relationships

The Next 12 Week Empowered Women Program starts March 5th, 2020!

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Praise for the 12 Week Empowered Women Program:

“The Empowered Women Program helped me create a framework for setting intentions and when I am taking care of myself and doing things intentionally, the Universe supports me.

The homework helped me focus on what I really wanted and challenged me to “get real” with myself to create the life I say I want.  While I still catch myself in the “I’m not good enough” or “not worthy” loop – I’ve made LOTS of progress toward catching it and changing my thought pattern.

I am more vulnerable and authentic and it has produced changes in my significant relationships.

I have been able to end relationships that were no longer serving me and did so without guilt, or shame!

I’ve taken control of the unhealthy thought patterns that governed my eating habits and have lost 18 pounds.

The way I relate to people at work has changed in a way that is healthy and rewarding. I even found a new job that I wasn’t looking for!”

Juli, IA

“Right before starting the group coaching program, I was at my absolute worst.

I hated everything about myself and was surrounded by darkness.

It was all consuming and I couldn’t find a reason to keep going.

I was barely functioning and self destructive. I just wanted it to be over.

I signed up for the program as a last resort, but felt too broken for it to do me any good. I was wrong.

This program helped me find my way back. It helped me find the strength in myself to keep going.

It allowed me the unwavering support from Erin, but also from all of the amazing people taking the program with me.

I was able to change thought patterns and beliefs that were keeping me chained to my unhappiness.

Digging into all aspects of my life and shining a light on things I wasn’t even aware of.

It was not always easy, but it gave me the ability to pull myself up.

To be my own life’s hero.

I struggle to even remember myself before this program.

I have the tools to create a life full of self love and happiness, but also the strength to put it to use.

I’m able to make monumental changes in my life that I never thought possible.

I can’t put into words how grateful I am for this program.

It quite honestly saved my life.”

Brie, IA

“The 12 Week Empowered Women Program has provided me tools to be my true self.

Erin has broke down some of life’s greatest challenges into easy to understand lessons.

This program allowed for growth in every aspect of life; I personally loved a new twist on goal setting, understanding self-doubt, emotional empowerment, and reaching the inner child.

At the end of this program I have seen a positive change in myself, and Erin and others in the group have been a great inspiration!”

Allie, MN

Katie, IL

Katie, IL

“My goal with the Empowered Women Coaching Program was to get out of my own way and move forward in my life. 

I accomplished that with this program, as well as