I have several options for you and I want you to make the easiest, best choice possible. Here are some great options to start.

  • Start my foundational program 40 Days to Radical Self Love for as low as $25 and you get an email a day from me for 40 days, plus my Manifestation Meditation and bonus calls, for more info and to register click HERE
  • Set up a Discovery Session-it’s Free-so together we can decide the next best move for you, go HERE

Contentment, peace and joy are your birthright and you are worthy of that.

Are you ready to make this your best year yet? To really get past the self doubt, or the old stories that are keeping you stuck in the same cycle and really achieve that goal, feel more at peace and experience more joy in your life? Then I want to support you in that and there are many different ways to work with me.

I use a 12 step process involving theta clearing, which is a way to release beliefs that are held in your subconscious mind in the coaching sessions.  These beliefs are sometimes unknown to us and can cause blocks towards living our best life now.  They usually show up in the form of fear, doubt, or worry and can stem from as far back as childhood.  

Using a Theta brain wave I can go in and energetically change the beliefs and create a new positive pathway.  This work has profoundly changed my life and I love sharing it with others.  I have helped many people move through childhood fears, weight-loss, addictions, emotional eating, negative thought patterns, sleep disorders, as well as clear any energetic belief standing in the way of their dreams.  I work as an accountability partner to hold you to what you want and to do the work to clear anything standing in the way of you living your best, most authentic life now.  I now have a Group Coaching Program as well!

Energy flows where attention goes. Pure Light sessions are about accepting your true nature and focusing your attention on your heart’s desires. We work on releasing the loop of focusing on what is wrong and perceptions of lack. We can get to what you really want by clearing self definitions and old belief patterns that the subconscious mind is holding.

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  • Want help controlling your stress levels?
  • Feel like you are stuck?

  • Do you have a situation you can not seem to get over?

  • Want to learn how to be more positive and get out of a negative pattern?

  • Want to create your dream relationship, or career?
  • Want special tools to help you get what you really want in life?

Feel more joyful, lighter and more clear about what you want!

My coaching and healing sessions can be done from any where you are in the world via the phone, or Skype.

Set up a free 20 minute consultation today, by going HERE

I also work with kids and teens. Email me for more information erin@purelightwellness.com

I have two new programs that I am so excited to share with you.  My 12 Week Empowered Women Program and my 9 month Transformational Coaching Certification Program.

The results the first group got from these programs were incredible: losing weight, finding self love, having more peace in their life, gaining clarity on what is important to them, healing relationships, finding forgiveness, releasing negativity and unwanted patterns and on and on and on. Our next program starts in March, 2020 click on the link to learn more.

I am so excited to share it with you now!

Energy Clearing downloads available

Visit the Energy clearing page in our shop to download the latest sessions.

Erin’s course is nothing like anything I’ve ever seen. She is teaching you from her personal experience and she shares her personal stories with you about changing the way you think about money. Just hearing her stories alone can alter your perception of money. Erin guides you through simple exercises that you can continue to do after the course so that you can change your money matrix forever. I’ve since then become more relaxed about money. I don’t get anxious about spending it, nor do I feel guilty about receiving it. I’m looking forward to financial freedom in the future.
Andrea, Canada