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As women we often put ourselves last on the list of things to take care of.

When we are busy our self care is the first thing to go. We often feel selfish to put our self before anyone else. What if instead of seeing it as selfish, we see it as necessary? In order to really care for our families, partners and friends we must come from a place where our cups our full. That is what this program will do, help you to create a new habit of self care and self love.

What’s Included in the Program?

This Program is For You If:

I created this program for myself after having gone through several painful breakups and realizing maybe it wasn’t the men I was dating with the problems, maybe it was me. I saw areas in my life where I could love myself even more, knowing if I did that I would attract the kind of love I wanted. I grew up with an alcoholic, where it was not safe to share how I felt, or what I needed. I learned to shut down and not share my feelings in order to be safe, as an adult I would do that in relationships. I began to see how self love has levels and I learned how to work through those levels to even deeper self love than I had ever known. So I decided to share that knowledge with others!

1. You find that you sabotage yourself with negative thoughts and actions

2. You struggle with self image issues and find yourself thinking, or saying negative things about your body

3. You constantly put other’s needs in front of your own, you take care of everyone else

4. You struggle with knowing what you want, or what you need from others.

This program will teach you how to have the most important relationship-with You!

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“I loved your Radical Self Love Program. It has helped me tremendously. I often put myself and my happiness on the back burner in order to please others. Now I am learning to truly love myself and stand up for myself and realize that I am deserving of kindness, love, respect, etc. Thank you so much for the exercises. These are things that I knew but needed that guidance and push to actually do the work and carve out the time for my own happiness. I am a better Mom, friend, daughter, employee because of it. If I love myself, I can better love others. My favorite was really honoring my inner child and having fun. That’s the thing I forget to take time for. I was so busy raising kids and paying the bills that I truly forgot what joy felt like.  This was a great opportunity to do assignments that really helped me feel good and celebrate me. Thanks so much.”