What makes Pure Light Retreats Different?

I have been doing a unique form of energy work and subconscious mind clearing for over seven years.  It is through this work that I have helped hundreds of people move past their limitations and into their truth.  I bring this unique style of energy work to my retreats.  Many retreats are simply yoga retreats and the focus really stays there.  However, when you come on retreat with me, I promise a lasting change that follows you back home.

When you are in nature, with like-minded people, eating healthy, doing yoga and energy work, clearing your chakras and going on epic adventures in the surrounding area, things shift in your perspective.  You come back knowing what is most important to you and what your truth is.  You leave with a plan of action so you can take the retreat feeling back with you.  I promise you more than a retreat, but a life changing experience from which you will never be the same.  You will just be better!

If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself to dive into your deeper truth and experience a whole new way of being, then please reach out to me to set up a time to talk about what retreat would be best for you.  Email me at erin@purelightwellness.com  I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you Pure Light Wellness for this amazing experience! Through your program and this magical place, I was able to let go of old bad habits, setting new goals and going home rejuvenated, balanced and happy. This trip was beyond a vacation. Thank you!
Bea, CA
I gained a sense of clarity. I know now where I can improve my life in certain areas and continue to grow. I also have become aware of some major clutter (physical and emotional) in my life that has to go. I will now let go of what no longer serves me before I get hit by the Universal Bus. When I go home I am going to declutter, meditate and manifest. I’m going to love myself and accept love. This could easily be the best experience of my life so far.
Val, IA
I met new life long friend’s on the Costa Rica Retreat. Before this I had suffered from insomnia for many years and since I have been home I have slept 10+ hours every night. I can’t thank you enough. I love everything you’ve taught us & truly this week on retreat was better than 2 years of marriage counseling. I can’t thank you enough.
Jill, IL
This was a pleasant surprise for someone who only knew yoga as a form of exercise and stretching. I kept an open mind to all the activities. Many of the things talked about were already inside of me. The retreat only allowed those thoughts to be channelled where it could be easier understood.
Jerome, IL
I have most enjoyed the workshop time. I didn’t anticipate how much this would benefit me! I feel like it made me take the time to learn about myself.
Katy, IA

Past Retreats

Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat 2018

Ubud, Indonesia
January 28-February 3, 2018.

Alchemy Retreat

19 May – 21 May
Potosi, Wisconsin

Empowered Women’s Retreat

June 17
Prairie Woods-Cedar Rapids, Iowa

view from the Villa in Costa Rica

We’re Going to Costa Rica!

March 5-11, 2017 we will be journeying into the jungle of Costa Rica and exploring on this adventure/yoga/transformational retreat.