What Clients Say

“I felt stuck on a never-ending loop of confusion and self-doubt. Basically, fear was ruling my life. The Soul on Fire Retreat empowered me to identify where this fear came from and gave me tools to find the strength to live a new way”

~Megan, LA

I met you once, at Indigo Yoga in Moline, and I’ve been different ever since. The Kundalini practice that day, had a real noticeable affect on my mind and body. I felt a strength of character that I long for. There is an OCD disorder that I have been dealing with for over 15 years. The following week was the first time in my life I had the strength to overcome it.
Jennifer, IL
I found Erin to be one of calmest & most comfortable people I have ever been around. This type of relaxed connection assisted me greatly in the Theta Healing session that I experienced under her full guidance and instruction. Erin’s calm nature made me feel at ease and confident about exploring issues I have dealt with for much of my life and the subsequent letting go of these issues. I never realized that hanging on to “old ideals and conditionings” was creating such a ton of obstacles and mountains in my current situation.
Erin and her Theta healing have changed my life. When you try it you are going to think its hokey – you sit there while she “clears” beliefs. You won’t think its hokey when it works. She has improved my professional and personal life – since I have seen Erin I have lost 70 lbs., gotten a new job and my relationships have improved. Just try it – you will be back!
F.G., Los Angeles, CA
I highly recommend any session with Erin! From the moment you meet or speak with her, it becomes apparent that she is a gifted healer. She has an innate understanding of how to work with people’s energy and can communicate and her wisdom back to you in a very understandable manner. I have now done 2 different sessions with her and both times I have walked away feeling lighter and more in touch with myself. I released some pretty negative thought patterns through our work at her theta clearing session. This is pretty powerful stuff, be ready for some very positive changes in your life! I liked the work I did with Erin so much that I also did a private session with her to address some emotional stress I have been under. I have been suffering from cluster headaches for 18 years and during the session Erin discovered the emotional root of these headaches. After our session my headache cycle dropped in severity and frequency drastically which has never happened so quickly in the past. She is truly a gifted healer. I am absolutely going to continue my work with her!
Amanda C.
You have been a loving, non-judgmental sound board for me. With your help and guidance I have been able to release hurtful people from my life forever.  Sure some of these people have been long dead, but past interactions with them have hurt me and had negatively affected my life for years!
Being able to talk with you about dating related issues have been amazing.  You have told me when to give someone another chance or how to gently release them when their role in my life was over.  I no longer obsess about men!
I am excited to have an amazing teacher and a loving guide who I can run ideas by. And I’m so thankful you give so openly and generously. I consider myself blessed to be working with you.  I only wish I had started sooner.
Dee, CO

“I am forever grateful for the privilege of being able to work with Erin McGuire of Pure Light Wellness. I first started working with Erin at a time in my life when was feeling stuck and filled with extreme self doubt. I was in the involved in a dead-end relationship, working at a job I loathed and living at home. I wanted to make major life changes but I thought it was impossible due to my lack of confidence. Through Erin’s private coaching sessions, she worked with me to uncover the root cause of my limiting beliefs and helped me to clear them. She also taught me how to override my deep-seated negative thinking patterns that were stored in my subconscious mind with daily exercises and theta healing. Working with Erin has been nothing short of MAGICAL and a MIRACLE. I am still a work in progress but I am the most calmest, confident and hopeful that I have been in the longest time. My relationships are more truthful, I can set boundaries and take actions towards my goals.

Previously, I suffered from insomnia, anxiety and digestion issues, but as a direct result of working with Erin, my symptoms have subsided and on most days they seem as if they never existed. I highly recommend working with Erin if you feel like you are stuck in your life and need help in clearing obstacles.”

Christine, NY

Jenna G.

Los Angeles, CA

Jenna G.

I did Theta Healing sessions with Erin. It is tough thing to really look deep inside yourself and to begin to improve the things you know you need to work on. It is especially tough when you share these things with another person. However, Erin is so easy to open up to. I feel like I have known her forever. She is very personable, caring and understanding. I was so impressed with her knowledge about the work we were doing. After out first session I could already feel a difference within myself. Now I feel infinitely better than I ever have. She helped me let go of anger, fear doubt, and helped me build my confidence and self-trust. I would definitely recommend her.
Wow! I had such an amazing experience working with Erin that I had to share. I met with her because I was moving from Los Angeles to Portland and I was feeling fearful about finding a job in Portland. Ultimately, it was me not trusting God or the Universe to take care of me. Anyway, we had a session where she helped me explore and address those feelings. During our session I experienced something that I could best describe as being “fully awake, aware and present to divine energy.” I suddenly felt, with 100% certainty, that God was there and that I am always taken care of and protected. Having that experience alone was amazing by itself, but what happened the next day completely blew me away. The next morning I got an email from a company that wanted me to interview with them as soon as I got up to Portland. Later that afternoon I got another call from a recruiter that represents dozens of companies in the Portland area and wanted to help place me. Best of all, my boss came to me and asked me to work remotely full time in Portland until I found another job! I am so grateful for Erin and her guidance! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
Steve H.
I met Erin when I was in a sort of grey area of my life. I wasn’t depressed but also wasn’t completely happy and fulfilled, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. Erin helped me to clear all of the junk out of my mind. All of the worry, anxiety, stress and negative thoughts that weren’t serving me anymore slowly started to melt away. I was able to decipher what I really want and need out of my life as opposed to what was comforting and holding me back. Since meeting Erin my life has taken a total 180, I’ve made a major switch in my career, am preparing to move to a new city and my relationships with my friends and family have deepened. But most importantly I believe that I deserve to be 100% happy in every aspect of my life and I’m not afraid to go after it anymore!

“I have been working with Erin for several years.  When I met her I was in a turbulent time in my life.  I was struggling with several issues that were rooted in trauma from my youth.  To be honest I was skeptical that this could work since I had tried every med and therapy out there but I gave it a shot.  After 1 session with her I felt my attitude toward life start to shift.  There was a new light that was always in me but she helped me bring it out.  I felt emotionally lighter and it was not only the way I felt others noticed the change too.  I know have a sense of peace that was lacking before.  Don’t get me wrong life still has challenges but Erin has helped my learn tools and strategies to help me cope.  I no longer default to anger and depression I face the situation put it in perspective and move on.

Having Erin not only help balance the energy in my body and my life she is an amazing listener.  I have shared everything with her and in the process been able to let so much past hurt and trauma go.  She let me realize the past is the past and we have control over how it impacts us.  With work I was able to heal and set goals for moving forward.  I am now more confident in a genuine way not just bravado.  I have made positive changes in my professional life and my relationships are under less strain.

In closing let me say it takes time and honest work but Erin is there every step of the way.  The sessions are amazing but I know I can text her and she is there to offer support and guidance.  I realize now there is love and light in the universe and it is there for us if we ask.  I can call in my guardian angel when thins are hard not just when I am in a session and that gives me piece of mind knowing that I have a place and I matter in the universe.  I have a strong faith in God and I feel he sent her to me at the time I needed to meet her.  The relationship has not only helped me but I have made a friend I will cherish for life.”

Will, IA


“Erin McGuire has the unique ability to immediately access that which is causing pain. On our first session she was able to clear a discomfort I was having for several weeks.”


~Georgia, WI

I was inspired and excited by the level of deep communication and virtual healing in my Skype conversation with Erin this week. She’s clear, focused, intuitive and I was impressed how structured and proactive our time was. Erin’s a great guide to the hard personal work we’re all doing to take advantage of life’s awesome opportunities. I look forward to more.
Jonathan M.
Erin is amazing and she has changed my life! I went on 3 hikes and yoga meditations with her up an Topanga Cannon and was so happy to get the results that i got. She has helped me with my over all confidence..which included fear of heights, career success and letting go of any negative energy. My friends have had a great experience with Erin as well. I have been recommending her to everyone bc it is SO WORTH IT!!!
After working with Erin in her Theta sessions and also our Manifestation groups, my life did a 180 degree change for the better. Within two months, I went from single(for over 4 years) to in a committed relationship with an amazing man who ended up living in my dream place I have always wanted to live(I’m moving there to be with him). My health improved greatly and I sold the house I was living in and made a profit of $150,000.00 after living there for only a year and a half!! Not only did all of this happen, I got into the grad school of my choice and the financial part is taken care of!! The past month I have also received several residual checks in the mail that I wasn’t expecting. I also am feeling a greater sense of peace within and have met some amazing people in the past couple months. Erin is very passionate about what she does and I believe she has a true gift. She has since become a very dear friend and I know she has everyone’s best interests at heart. She walks the walk and is the real deal. If you want to change your life, schedule a workshop or session with Erin and get the ball rolling!


Sydney, Australia


Erin helped me deal with more in just a few hours than I thought a lifetime of counseling, or other alternative treatments would ever assist me with. I can not thank Erin enough for her time and insight and I am delighted to say that she has helped me change my life around from being in the doldrums of loneliness to blissful contentment.
Omg I thank my lucky stars and angels everyday for bringing erin into my life. She has such a special special gift and everyone needs to participate in any and ALL of her events. I did the full moon meditation and yoga with her in topanga canyon and have had so many incredible, wonderful beautiful beautiful things come into my life nevermind had THE BEST TIME IN MY WHOLE LIFE !!!! Erin is extremely knowledgeable and well-practiced and has this energy that really does just FIRE you up !! Which leads me to my next suggestion, SOULS ON FIRE!!!! Do it do it do it !!!! I have never felt more, energized, open and ready to grab life by the horns ever ever ever!!! I really am obsessed with Erin’s work, and recommend her to everyone under the sun. She WILL change your life!!!
Alexa, LA
Erin is amazing. I’ve taken her Money Matrix Course and also done Spiritual Navigation Sessions with her. What I love most is how she really get to the root of the problem and helps you to un-kink your life, right from the source. It’s great how she’s so real, working her way through things and growing every day just like we are.

I always feel like she truly hears and understands me, which I haven’t always felt with some other coaches. Oh! and no matter what’s going on I never feel judged, on any level, which means SO much. I highly recommend her services and plan on going back for more. So much more cool stuff to uncover!

Suzanne, LA
It’s very easy to write this review as I simply ADORE Erin. I found her a year ago for private Yoga/Mediation/Life Coaching and she has been amazing. She is an exceptional teacher with a HUGE heart and I am so thankful that she came into my life. I recommend everyone to take a class with her or go to one of her events you will LOVE it!! She came into my life exactly when I needed her and gave me so many valuable tools including my wings so instead of falling I’m now flying! I’m off to India next week to do a Kundalini Teacher Training course which I would never have believed if you had told me a year ago. I’m now open and ready to receive all the blessings that are coming to me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU
Kate, LA


“She has improved my professional and personal life – since I have seen Erin I have lost 70 lbs., gotten a new job and my relationships have improved. Just try it – you will be back!”


~Flory, LA

I saw Erin yesterday as I write this, went to her with some issues that have been tugging at me for some time. Through a series of questions and clearing exercises I feel much more hopeful today and am able to let go of some of the small instances in everyday life that normally would drag me down. It took a long time for those issues to grow and I don’t expect all of them to disappear overnight but, with Erin’s guidance, I now know that they will soon be in my past.
Thank you Erin!!!
Paul, LA
Yoga classes with Erin of Pure Light Yoga are amazing. I highly recommend trying one! She is so passionate about helping others and that passion shines through everything she does! Her wisdom and intuition allows her to tune into the needs of her students. I always leave her classes/workshops feeling more connected and energized.
Jennifer, LA
I didn’t take a yoga class from Erin but attended a mini seminar where she taught how to use a “muscle testing” technique that I was not familiar with to “tune in” to ourselves and get clear on “life issues” that needed clarification. Erin has a lot of insight and is passionate about helping others on their path to self-understanding and personal growth. Any consultation or class with her will benefit from her high frequency of energy, wisdom and insight.
Jill, Newport Beach


“Erin is extremely knowledgeable and well-practiced and has this energy that really does just FIRE you up!, I have never felt more, energized, open and ready to grab life by the horns. “


~Alexa, LA