It’s Time to Step Into That Woman You Were Meant to Be. It’s Time to Take Your Power Back.

You are a soulful, sensitive woman who sometimes feels stuck from being conditioned in a world that praises giving your all to everyone else. You feel like you have lost a part of yourself and you long to feel connected, peaceful and confident again. Remember that little girl who used to do things boldly without worry? You can’t find her and you long for that feeling of freedom.
Erin is an empowerment coach and guide leading sensitive women to unraveling anything keeping them from the abundant, beautiful life and business they deserve. Using a blend of psychology, science and spirit she skillfully creates programs and online courses that empower women into their highest power, purpose and pleasure.

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Have you been feeling the call to help others in a deep way, but you don’t know where to start? I have a training program for Lightworkers (sensitive women here to bring more light to this planet, at this time) to help you step into your power and awaken your spiritual gifts, so together we can help the planet evolve and rise.

Lightworker Academy Coaching and Healing Certification Program

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If you want to feel more aligned and empowered you are in the right place! This is the place to learn to unravel anything keeping you from that abundant life you deserve. Nothing is off limits as we navigate life through psychology, science and spirit.


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