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Welcome to Pure Light Healing!

Hi there, I’m Erin…

I am a natural born healer, teacher and intuitive channel.  I have trained extensively in energy healing, coaching, trauma + nervous system healing and somatic work.  I also grew up in a traumatic home as a sensitive, so I have the lived experience that I had to heal myself through. 

I bridge psychological tools with ancient spiritual wisdom.

For over 14 years, I have specialized in helping highly sensitives move from pain in their bodies, minds + spirits and back into their power.  

I also support healing based entrepreneurs in starting and/or growing their businesses, it is one of my greatest joys to see more lightworkers utilizing their gifts and being abundant out in the world.

Have you spent a lot of time…

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or hiding/playing small in life?

Or going doctor to doctor in search of how to fix your chronic health issue and not getting the help you need?

Or have you been wanting to start, or grow your healing based business, but find yourself stuck in overwhelm, chaos, or anxiety and just not getting anywhere?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

I’m here to tell you that a lot of the “issues” you may be struggling with are most likely the cause of nervous system dysregulation.

Also, as a highly sensitive person you have a nervous system that is already wired differently than most. These two things can lead to many problems.

However, your sensitivity is your greatest gift. It makes you more attuned to your environment and more in touch with your emotions. It allows you to read people and situations in a way that others can’t.

When talk therapy, traditional medicine protocols, or self help books and courses have not been working…


I am a highly trained coach, whose approach is trauma-informed, energy + body-based and holistic. What that means is – I’ll help you understand your energy, sensitivity, trauma patterns and programs and your nervous system so you can begin to live in harmony with your body, unravel stuck trauma responses and build a new way of showing up in the world grounded in embodied safety.

You’ll get clear about what you want and what steps you need to take to feel aligned, nourished, and motivated through a holistic combination of tools and techniques as well as with spiritual guidance creating more harmony in your life.

You are not broken, or unfixable.

There is most likely, a stuck trauma response happening in your body and I am here to help you unravel that so you can show up aligned with who you really are and grounded in embodied safety.

If you have read all the self help books and know all the things, but still feel stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out, let’s talk.

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Navigating being a highly sensitive, empath, dealing with chronic fatigue/pain, trauma, or just feeling stuck? I’m here to help.

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Have you been feeling the call to help others in a deep way, but you don’t know where to start? I have a training program for Lightworkers (sensitives and empaths here to bring more light to this planet, at this time) to help you step into your power and awaken your spiritual gifts, so together we can help the planet evolve and rise.

Lightworker Academy Coaching and Healing 10 Month Certification Program

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If you want to feel more aligned and empowered you, are in the right place! This is the place to learn to unravel anything keeping you from that abundant life you deserve. Nothing is off limits as we navigate life through psychology, science and spirit.

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