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21 Day Healing Program

21 Day Healing Program

If you have been wondering how to start a journey into self love, understanding, and deep healing, this program is for you.

It is a healing for mind, body and spirit.

What is the 21 Day Healing Program?

My 21 Day Healing Program is an opportunity to connect to your mind, body and spirit each day and learn tools and techniques to heal each part.

It is practical tools given in short video segments so even the busiest person can have time for the program.   You keep all the materials forever, so you can repeat the journey again and again.

Everything is connected and as you heal your mind, your body is affected, as you heal your body your spirit is affected, and as you heal your spirit your life begins to change.  It changes because now you are making decisions based on what is in alignment for you, not what your past stories and programming limit you to.

I combine psychology, science and spirit for an overall healing affect.

I have over 11 years of working one on one with clients coming to me suffering from anxiety, depression, addictions, negative thought patterns, physical ailments, fear based thoughts, or just wanting to have more peace and create what they want in their life.

I have helped thousands of people heal from past programming, which in turn has helped them heal from what ails them in the moment.  Everything is energy and our mind is our greatest tool that can make us sick, or heal us.

Through this program, I show you how to step into your power and heal yourself!

21 Day Healing Program

What’s Included in the Program?

Daily Video with Erin with the Lesson for the Day

Each day for 21 days you will get a video from me with the day’s message and a short activity, energy clearing, and/or tool to use for the day. These will be bite-size videos that you can easily digest and utilize right away.

5 Deeply Healing Guided Meditations to Listen to Again and Again

You will receive 5 different meditations each one working on healing a different aspect of you from the physical body and getting rid of stress/tension/negativity, to healing anxiety, to healing the inner child and more.

My Kundalini Yoga Rebirthing and Self Love Classes.

Two separate classes I did as workshops for you to practice as often as you want.

A Bonus Recorded Video

This is a deeply healing and empowering call that will shift your energy and DNA on a deep level.

Is This Program For You?

I designed this program from working one-on-one with several clients that have had cancer, needed surgery for various things, and from clients who suffer from anxiety and from dealing with my own physical ailments over the years.

I have found some ways to make great changes through energy work, mindfulness and releasing unconscious beliefs from our subconscious minds.

Our mind and body are connected and through what I will teach you in this program and my deep healing meditations you will begin to make those connections and heal your body, mind and spirit. (I am not a doctor and I can not say that physical dis-ease will go away completely, however I have seen this as a result of doing this kind of work).

As a by-product of this your life changes outwardly. Our external lives are just a manifestation of what we feel and think on the inside.

Let’s work on creating a happier, healthier version of you that is able to manage all that the external world brings with a state of calm presence connected to your inner wisdom and truth and living more in alignment with your truth.


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