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40 Days of Radical Self Love Online Program

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It may seem more simple than it is, but loving yourself is the key to living the life you have always wanted.  It is the key that unlocks the door to everything.  I have worked with countless people on clearing limiting beliefs that they hold in their subconscious mind, and I have found that it all comes down to this…loving yourself.

But how many times do you catch yourself saying how stupid you are, how lazy you are, or why can’t I just get it together?  There are so many things we say to ourselves that are not loving.  We talk badly about our bodies, we compare ourselves to others and we compromise ourselves in relationships.  All of this stops the flow of good coming to us, because we are creating our lives.  So that is why my secret to having anything you want and living the life of your dreams starts with loving yourself.
Right here and now, tell yourself I Love You!  Do this often.
I have worked with so many women that say “Oh, I can love certain things about myself, but not that.”  That is the problem, in learning to love ALL parts of ourselves, even the one’s we try to hide, we can then begin to change those parts from a loving, instead of fearful place.    I have just the way for you to go really deep into the process of loving yourself and a way to stay accountable through it all..
My 40 Days to Radical Self Love Online Course
Do you self sabotage yourself with negative thoughts and actions?
Are you often hard on yourself?
Then my 40 Days to Radical Self Love Online Program is for you! You will receive an email a day with an exercise to deepen your self love. My 50 minute Transformational yoga dvd and my Manifestation meditation. All of which will give you radical self love transformation.
All of this for just $97!
To register go here and scroll down to the bottom:
It takes 40 days to change a habit, let’s do this!
Start program at any time and do it at your pace. There will also be a Radical Self Love Facebook group to keep us all together.
Release negative beliefs like unworthiness, fear, doubt and anxiety and feel more authentically you. 
Here is what people are saying:

“I loved your Radical Self Love Program. It has helped me tremendously. I often put myself and my happiness on the back burner in order to please others. Now I am learning to truly love myself and stand up for myself and realize that I am deserving of kindness, love, respect, etc. Thank you so much for the exercises. These are things that I knew but needed that guidance and push to actually do the work and carve out the time for my own happiness. I am a better Mom, friend, daughter, employee because of it. If I love myself, I can better love others. My favorite was really honoring my inner child and having fun. That’s the thing I forget to take time for. I was so busy raising kids and paying the bills that I truly forgot what joy felt like. This was a great opportunity to do assignments that really helped me feel good and celebrate me. Thanks so much.”  Alecia

“She has improved my professional and personal life – since I have seen Erin I have lost 70 lbs., gotten a new job and my relationships have improved. Just try it – you will be back!”  Flory, LA
“Erin is extremely knowledgeable and well-practiced and has this energy that really does just FIRE you up!, I have never felt more, energized, open and ready to grab life by the horns. ” Alexa, LA


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