Hi, I’m Erin

I am an empowerment coach and guide for highly sensitives, empaths and light workers. 

I am here to support you in unraveling all the junk that is keeping you stuck so you can step into your power, pleasure and embodiment and be the woman you have always felt deep down that you are meant to be.

I See You.

YOU have been that woman that has been everything to everyone around you, but at the expense of yourself.

YOU strive to be the best employee/boss, partner, mom, friend, and family member and you often leave yourself last on the list.

YOU would do anything for anyone, sit with them when they are sad or upset, yet you don’t give yourself time to express, or feel your emotions, because the to-do list is too long for that.

YOU often stop yourself, because you worry about what others think of you.

Perfectionism and/or people pleasing is how you live your life.

YOU have lost confidence in yourself for various reasons and you don’t know how to get it back

YOU are sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others, which gets complicated when you want to stand up for yourself, because you know they might feel bad.

YOUR family members say you are their rock, but inside you feel like your foundation is crumbling.

YOU are a go-getter, get shiz done kind of woman, but it comes at an expense, often leaving you feeling stressed or anxious.

YOU have been this way for so long that the people around you just expect you to do all of these things for them and you feel a little resentful about that inside.

YOU have been a YES person for so long, that you don’t really know how to say NO any more.

It has been my experience working with clients for over 13 years that when we feel that way, it came from some where.

It was a program we learned to develop from either our parents, society, school, or family members. 

My job as a coach and healer is to go to the cause of why these patterns and beliefs started and heal them from the root. Anxiety, depression, fear, self doubt, feeling not good enough, people pleasing, unworthiness are not who you are these are by-products of experiences and programming that happened to you.


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The good news?
I have helped thousands of women just like you release these old ways of being and truly feel empowered in their lives.

I see you, Because I WAS You! 

Growing up with an alcoholic mom, I experienced a lot of verbal and emotional abuse, which left me feeling like I could never measure up, that I wasn’t good enough and that I had to be perfect in order to get love.

I grew into a co-dependent, people pleaser, perfectionist and I didn’t know how to love myself, or what I needed or wanted.

I was constantly looking for validation and approval from others.

I had major anxiety and I burnt myself out several times over.

Because let’s be real, its really exhausting trying to be everything to everyone and chasing the illusion of perfection.

My life changed when I learned how to re-program my mindset, let go of unworthiness and know in my bones that I was deserving of the things I said I wanted.

I had to learn a completely DIFFERENT WAY TO BE.

I didn’t have the tools, or the knowledge to know that there was even another way to live then the stress I was living at the time.

I had to learn to Own My Worth, Claim My Power, Speak My Truth, and BE ALL IN.

When I decided then and there to deeply trust my intuition and ONLY take action that ALIGNED with my highest vision and highest self, EVERYTHING changed.

It was then that I remembered who I was and I took my power back!  And guess what?  My life started to change in massive ways!


From getting empowered, I’ve created…
If you join me on this path, you’ll remember who you are and you’ll turn your soul and power ALL the way on. This is for you if you are ready to:

Here’s What I Know to Be True…
The world needs more women who are lit up from within and owning
their power and worth.

You have a duty to be the most confident, empowered, healthy, lit up version of YOU.

And THAT version of you exists NOW – it’s time to be ALL of her.

Because it’s from THAT space that you’re of the highest service to the planet and living a life of freedom, abundance, purpose and magic becomes your new normal.

The more of us that RISE together the better for everyone!

Much love,



You'll likely find me...

In a coffee shop creating programs and writing.  I am writing my first book and I love creating online programs that help women to rise! 

Collecting crystals, I have a bit of an obsession!  Rose quartz, crystal quartz and smokey quartz are some of my favorites.

Hanging out with my cats!  I have always been a cat lover since I was a kid.  This is Miss Luna Mae Love.  Not pictured is her brother Rizzo.  We adopted them in April of 2020.

With my partner of 6 years, William.  We love taking trips, nature, hiking and cooking healthy meals together.  We also love trying new restaurants. 

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