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Allowing the Possibilities…

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Don’t mistake today for just any old day, doing the same old thing.  Today could be the day your life changes forever.  Stay open to the possibility.  I wrote this after being really inspired by the fact that there is so much possibility in every moment.  Yet, most of us are not opening ourselves up to all of those amazing opportunities.  We get up thinking we are going to go do the same thing we did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.  We get so caught up in routine and day to day life, we forget that it only takes one moment to change our entire life.  One SINGLE MOMENT.

Maybe today you get a promotion, maybe today that story you wrote gets picked up by a big agent, maybe today you meet the love of your life, maybe today you meet a new business partner, maybe today you get fired from your job and many new doors start opening for you to do exactly what you wanted all along.  You never know what today holds.  Imagine what would happen to your life if you started waking up this way each day?  With PURE POSSIBILITY.  You would be more joyful….guaranteed.  The truth is that everyday is holding some gem for you to discover.  Granted, not every day the gem will be a super shiny, sparkly diamond.  You may have a day that is very hard, where someone close to you gets upset with you over something.  But there is a gem in that too, if you can allow yourself to see it.

With pure possibility, the question then becomes can we allow all this possibility in?  Can we open ourselves up enough to allow it in?  Can we believe that all Really Is Possible?  This is where the work comes in.  We have to put in our time to allow ourselves to be more open.  We have to take time each morning before jumping out of bed for our coffee, or shower and stop and say “Today I believe that anything is possible.  Today is going to be a very special day for me.  I promise to find the gem in today.” 

Let’s help each other.  I would love to hear about the gems you discovered today.  Sometimes they are hiding in the most unexpected of places.  But that makes for the best treasure hunt.  Enjoy all possibilities today!

Much love and light,


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