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Am I Passive Aggressive?

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Are you passive aggressive?  Do you often not speak your truth about what you need and want and then get upset or angry in non-verbal ways to the person that is upsetting you?  We often are not taught how to speak up for our needs, or we are taught by our caregivers that our needs are not important.  So we grow up thinking it’s not safe to share what we need from others in our life.
We get scared to speak our needs and are then in pain because we are not getting treated the way we want to be treated, but feel that that’s just the way it goes.  It is a vicious cycle, meanwhile we are getting very resentful at ourselves for allowing this kind of behavior in the first place.
It’s time to break that cycle and to start speaking your needs and stand up for yourself.  It’s time to teach others how to treat you.  Don’t forget to watch the next video about boundaries.
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