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Assume the FEELING of what you want!!

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I was watching Wayne Dyer the other day talking about his new book “Wishes Fulfilled.” In it he says “A change of feeling is a change of destiny.” What he is saying is simply thinking and wishing for what it is that you want is not enough, you must live as if it has already happened and harness the feeling of what it feels like to have that thing in your body.


Right now you can use your powerful imagination to assume you are what at the moment your senses and reason deny.


Walk in this assumption, knowing you are all imagination, and all things are possible to you.


Dare to believe in the reality of your assumption and watch the world play its part relative to its fulfillment.” Neville


So, for instance if you are wanting a significant relationship, you begin to visualize what that relationship looks like to you, how you act together, where you go, what you do. Then you begin to thank your higher source for that person, even when in reality he/she is not there at this moment, you “act as if” and have gratitude anyway. Lastly, you assume the feeling of what it is that you are wanting to call in. So you feel what it feels like to sleep next to this person, how they are affectionate with you, how they make you laugh, etc. You assume the feeling by the power of your incredible imagination. The cool thing is that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real, or an imagined event. As your subconscious mind begins to believe that the assumed feeling is real, then your body begins feeling those feelings of what that feels like and therefore…wait for it….it becomes your Current Reality, by the Law of Attraction!! What we put out into the world, be it thoughts, emotions, feelings, vibrations, words we get back to us.


One thing you must understand…you have created the reality you are in right now. Now if your current reality is not so hot, well take a moment to digest that thought. It can be hard to realize that we are responsible for our current reality to some extent. Some terrible things do happen and we think well I could never have created that, nor wanted it. That is true and I have experienced some really tragic things that I did not want, or think about, but I learned from them and those tragic events played a big part in shaping and moving me in new directions. Although extremely painful and not easy to move through, I came out a different person on a different path then where I started and I believe it was something I was meant to go through in a lot of ways to push me there. It is a matter of choice how we look at tragic events in our lives. I chose to find what that event really meant to me on a very deep level.


For the most part, we create our realities by the very thoughts that we think. Most of these thoughts we are not even aware of and are in our subconscious mind, which makes up 90% of our mind. Yogi Bhajan says that every time we blink 1000 thoughts get put in our subconscious mind. That is a lot! So if you don’t have a daily practice of watching your thoughts and doing meditation, these subconscious thought forms can get stuck there and create some not so great things that play out in your daily life. The good news is that there are lots of different techniques out there to release these thoughts. Two of my favorite practices for releasing subconscious thought forms are Kundalini yoga and Theta (Healing) Works.


It is about retraining our subconscious mind, otherwise known as our habitual mind. Our subconscious is what we use for the most part, unless we are being very conscious and aware, such as when meditating or doing yoga. Our subconscious mind drives our car, especially on routes that you take often. Have you ever gotten home from work and couldn’t remember the drive there? That was your subconscious mind driving.


Our body responds to what’s in the subconscious mind. So if there is a bunch of negative thoughts in there, then the body is taking on that stress, fear, anger, anxiety, etc. The body is responding to those subconscious thoughts both positive and negative. Are we beginning to see why it is so important to keep the subconscious mind healthy!?! Not only that, but to monitor our conscious thoughts and if they are negative, replace them with positive ones. Also, to assume the feeling of what you want to create.


Wayne Dyer says, on the most basic, yet profound level we must assume the feeling of love. As we begin to assume the feeling of love we can change our reality. It starts with us first. Begin to assume the feeling of love and whatever it is that your heart desires, assume the feeling of it and so it shall be! It is based on the law of attraction. When we think negatively we get negative results, when we think positive and feel how beautiful life is, we have that feeling of well-being and you can’t deny that good things come to you, people are nicer to you when you feel that way and radiate that out in the world.


It sounds simple but it is not, we have been trained to think negatively by our society. Turn on the nightly news if you need a dose of negativity, it is every where. But we can change our thought patterns into more positive thoughts and therefore change our lives. Just start catching yourself in a negative thought and reaffirm in the positive. So “I look not so hot today and I can’t pay my credit card bill,” becomes “I am beautiful, bountiful and blissful today and always.” I have to laugh here because on some level it seems so simple and it is, but the trick is to catch yourself in the act of that negative thought.


“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” ~Ben Sweetland

Be your own light, and be the light you wish to see in others. It all starts with us first and it starts with our thoughts. We have been given these amazing imaginations that can come up with anything we desire and really visualize it. Let’s use the power of our imaginations to create the life we desire. Releasing the old, unwanted and negative parts that don’t serve us any more. Use the power of mantra to help the mind adjust to this new way of being. Repeating things like “I am peaceful.” “I am joyful.” “I am loved.” “I am prosperous,” etc can really help shift the thoughts. So have a personal mantra of whatever it is that you are wanting to bring in.

Wayne Dyer also said that the 5 minutes before you go to bed are crucial. Our subconscious mind is open while we sleep and how we wake up the next day affects our entire day. So instead of laying in bed worrying about work tomorrow, money, your relationship, etc think positively before going to bed. Have gratitude for your day, your home, your family whatever you want to be grateful for and then repeat your mantras of what you want to bring in AND assume the feeling that you already have it. Then have a beautiful night’s sleep.

Trust yourself, trust the process and lets all walk into the light of our destiny together and never ever look back.

Love and light,


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

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