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Be gentle with yourself.

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Throwback to a warmer time. I have been feeling a bit lower lately. I feel like I am going through growing pains and they aren’t always pretty. Being an entrepreneur and someone who is inspired by growth and change can be exhausting sometimes. I found myself yesterday comparing myself to other women in my field that are much further along than me, with several books written and out in the world in a big way. I want that too and I know it’s possible. And in order to get to that place there are some things in me that have to shift, some old skins I have to shed and some old parts of me that need some light shed upon them. Places where I still play small, judge myself, compare myself and downplay myself. I haven’t been having enough fun lately. I have been too serious, doing too much adulting. Lately, I have been asking to let more love in. To know, understand, give and receive love in ways I have never known before. I want that. A no ceiling approach to love. To express it fully in this life and this body. It’s the only way. Well, you have to be careful what you ask for because with a request like that comes a lot of unraveling of old ways. Control is the opposite of love, fear and judgment is the opposite of love and so is comparing. Because of past trauma, I learned as a child to control the world around me in order to stay safe, but control is an illusion. I have worked on that one for a while, but it still creeps in. So today I am working on being gentle with myself as I move through the layers. A part of knowing love more deeply is living myself through this, when I have a list of things I “should” and could be doing. This unraveling needs me to be present and loving. So, with that I will take the rest of the day to just be. Sending you love 💗

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