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Being The One

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I have started a new workshop called Being the One that I am launching this Wednesday from 7-8:30pm, which can be done from any where via conference call.  I am really excited about sharing this work and the book Calling in the One with you all.  This book changed my life and really helped me to see where I was blocking love from myself and because we are all mirrors of each other, I was blocking love from others as well.

After doing this book for 3 months, I met an amazing man at a yoga festival and we have been going strong ever since, before that I was single for a few years!  This stuff works!!

Being the One will help you to release any limitations that you may be holding that are keeping you from anything you may be wanting in life; financially, physically, health, career and relationship.  It all starts with us first.  When we can get honest and clear about our own limitations and the ways we have been holding ourselves back, then we can see the change begin.
It is also all about our willingness to change.  If you are not willing, you will not see the desired results. But, if you can be really honest with yourself and see how you have created your life up until this point and be willing to try something different to create different patterns and habits you will then be able to begin creating the life you are wanting to live.
We are so powerful, powerful beyond measure.  Yet, it is our very power that has never been shown, or expressed to us.  We have not been taught how powerful we are!  We are our own creator and the creator of our universe.  When you can fully step into that power and take ownership that you can create what you want and that you have created everything you have up until this moment, that is powerful!
This workshop will give you some practical tools to help you do that, as well as a guide to follow with little exercises to help shift things around in your life.  The first step in making a change in your life is awareness.  With the group dynamic that we create, we will be able to support each other through these 3 months of change and growth.
Workshop starts Feb. 13, 7-8:30pm and goes until April.  We meet twice a month, each month.
You must be open and willing to shift!  In order to get something different then you have ever gotten, you have to be willing to do something you have never done!
Please email me with questions and to sign up!
I look forward to being on this journey with you all!

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