On Top

Letting Go…

  Why is letting go so hard?  When we know deep down we are all just energy moving on to the next dimension, the next

Allowing the Possibilities…

Don’t mistake today for just any old day, doing the same old thing.  Today could be the day your life changes forever.  Stay open to

The Time is NOW!

I have never felt more certain that the time for letting go of excuses of why you haven’t done that thing you always wanted to

A Blank Canvas

Happy Holidays! Well, after 9 months of living in Bali and Thailand and visiting 8 different countries, I am back in Los Angeles. Now that

Cultivating More JOY!!

This life is but a glimpse of the joy and beauty that is all around us, beyond what our eyes can see. We are creating

Learning to Trust…

I want to savor this moment. This one right here.   I am learning that life is a lot like driving a motorbike in a


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