On Top

I have to wait until…

How many times have you said it? “I have to wait until…I have money, a better car, a different job, more experience, a bigger house,

What are we fighting for?

While having a conversation with a neighbor and fellow yoga teacher this morning we were sharing about our lives, where we are going and what

Waking Up to Love

My best friend got married this weekend. I was in the wedding and got to see all of the festivities from start to finish. Nichole

The Masks We Wear

As Halloween has come to an end, it makes me think of disguises. Of not being able to recognize people. They are all dressed up

Love the process

The process of life. The process of learning, of falling, of getting back up and rising higher than before. The process of being turned upside


Follow your magnetism. Who/what are you magnetized to? My dear friend Larisa gave me a great piece of advice, she said when it comes to

Energy Efficiency

When we think of energy efficiency, we tend to automatically think of turning off lights, unplugging unused electrical equipment and efficient heating and cooling options.

Where are we efforting?

I watched the movie River of Love, a movie about Amma the “hugging guru” from India. It was such a beautiful movie and Amma really

Our inner self talk…

Tonight while doing an exercise that I learned in my yoga training called inquiry I came to some interesting realizations. First off, inquiry involves another


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