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How to Build Confidence

If you are a sensitive woman who struggles with confidence you are probably doing one of these 5 things and how to stop. Also, I will share the biggest secret

How to Get Out of Overwhelm

It is very easy to get overwhelmed nowadays. If you are a highly sensitive person and/or empath then overwhelm is intensified! As one myself, I have had to learn the

How to Survive Covid 19 as an Empath

In this video I share 3 tips to surviving stressful situations, like covid 19 as an emapth. After all, as empaths we take on and process everyone’s junk, not just

How to Manage Anxiety During a Crisis

In this video I give you several tools and techniques to manage and even transform anxiety anytime, but especially during a crisis. The key is to go within. Watch the

There is Nothing Wrong With You

In this video I share the common mistake that we fall into on a spiritual/personal growth path…that we have to keep fixing what’s wrong! So we put a lot of

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