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How to Get Out of Overwhelm

It is very easy to get overwhelmed nowadays. If you are a highly sensitive person and/or empath then overwhelm is intensified! As one myself, I

Understanding the Law of Attraction

In this video I talk in detail about how the Law of Attraction works, what to know so you can begin attracting what you want

How to Survive Covid 19 as an Empath

In this video I share 3 tips to surviving stressful situations, like covid 19 as an emapth. After all, as empaths we take on and

How to Manage Anxiety During a Crisis

In this video I give you several tools and techniques to manage and even transform anxiety anytime, but especially during a crisis. The key is

There is Nothing Wrong With You

In this video I share the common mistake that we fall into on a spiritual/personal growth path…that we have to keep fixing what’s wrong! So

What Are You Claiming?

In this video I share the power of asking yourself this simple question and how it changes the game in a big way in terms

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