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Change Your Mindset About Money

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Money. It is a very powerful piece of paper. We put a lot of weight on money. We get mad when money doesn’t work for us. We base a lot of big decisions around money and we often loose ourselves for our pursuit of it. Money comes with a host of beliefs and most of those beliefs and our views about money come from our parents and society. If we grew up without it, we often don’t feel worthy of it.
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That is where I come in. I created a program two years ago that has helped hundreds let go of old beliefs about money and attract some pretty amazing new opportunities. Money, just like everything else, is a product of what we think about it. If we believe money is the root of all evil, then subconsciously we won’t let ourselves have much of it, because it is evil. There are so many beliefs like that.
With my Changing Your Money Mindset 4 Week Course, we are going to change how you think about and attract money.
1. The first week is about clearing energetic beliefs that your parents have held about money.
There beliefs make up a great deal of your present beliefs about money.
2. Week two we go in and clear unworthiness issues that are commonly held when people struggle with money.
3. Week three is about releasing common issues that we hold about money as a society.
4. Week four is all about getting into the mindset that people who have money have. If you have money, you don’t think about it all the time. You know it is always there for you.
This course is for you if you struggle with money each month, if you feel bad about not having it, or you may attract money to you easily, but you don’t handle it well. If money makes you feel guilty, or gives you anxiety then this course is for you. It’s time to have a whole new mindset about money. It is possible to create a new money mindset and abundance is your birthright.
You get 4 pre-recorded calls with all the belief clearing, 3 live calls with me and the group, some homework to do, and an abundance call I did.
The biggest thing I see with this course is that people have a hard time following through with it. So I am here to be your accountability buddy and to see you through to a new mindset.
I have went from having a thriving private yoga business to that falling through, to being negative in my bank account for weeks and living for free in my neighbors guest house, to building a thriving coaching and healing business. I have been through all the stages of prosperity and I know I can help you achieve your goals.
To register please go to The program will be emailed to you.
I am so excited to see you overcome your old money mindset!

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