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Changing the Subconscience Mind

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The subconscious mind makes up 90% of our brains. The first of our seven years of life, the subconscious mind is the part that is completely open. Every experience we have goes into this part of our brains, becoming a long-term memory. These experiences then influences our beliefs, emotions, values, reactions, etc. If these experiences are traumatic or even mildly negative in our memory, they can become negative triggers later as adults.
Luckily we have the power to control our thoughts and influence our subconscious mind. It’s not easy but it is possible. I like to say, change your thoughts, change your life! A quote by Wayne Dyer, I think says it even better…
Our subconscious mind is also like a “goal-seeking” computer. It is made up of going in between focusing on what you “think” you lack (what you believe to be negative about yourself) and the belief of “abundance” (or your strengths, or the things you think positive about yourself). This is where we have control. You can start by paying close attention to the thoughts you have, your negative feelings in certain environments or situations.
Pay attention to how you say things and what you are saying. Below I will give you a tool to help you work through these negative triggers. The negative triggers are like “kinks” in your subconscious mind, like a water hose- you need to “unkink” the blocks that are occurring to let you mind flow more freely in the positive.
Start by doing this everyday for a week. You may even want to jot down some
re-occurring negative thoughts that you have or maybe even times that you know that you feel upset or react negatively to a certain situation. This is a good place to start practicing this technique.
If you need more help with this I will gladly assist you! 

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