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Coaching and Training Programs: Healing Online Programs

30 Day Manifestation Challenge

All messages hold codes and light energy that when listened to are designed to infiltrate blocks and stuck energies and thoughts that are keeping you in certain patterns. You will feel lighter, more at ease and have more clarity as you listen.

Nervous System Reset Program

Develop a whole new relationship with yourself, one that is more grounded, compassionate and present.

The Nervous System Healing Program

This includes the Nervous System Reset Program and is for you if you have experienced trauma at some point in your life. You will be given the tools to heal and rewire that trauma.

Empowered Women

This is my signature program designed to support you in shifting old patterns like people pleasing, perfectionism and procrastination so you can have more confidence, feel more aligned and have more joyful moments.

Lightworker Academy Coaching and Healing Certification Program

My signature mentorship to learn how to become a coach and healer using my transformational methods.

Unravel to Rise Membership

The place to start if you are short on time, but want some support and structure on your healing journey. 

40 Days of Radical Self Love

The way to shift anything in your life is to love yourself more. Join me on this guided 40 day journey to more love and compassion for you!

21 Day Healing

A 21 day journey designed to heal and elevate your mind, body and spirit.

8 Week Kundalini
chakra course

Kundalini Yoga has many benefits: awakening your intuition, releasing stress and anxiety, and strengthening your inner power & belief in yourself.


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