1:1 Coaching with Erin

Using a combination of psychology, science and spirit I create 1 on 1 programs/sessions that heal at a deep level.  Whether you are a heart lead entrepreneur seeking to start and/or grow your soul aligned business, or a sensitive soul that is looking for a deeper level of healing and mindset work. 

Erin is a Coach & Healer for empaths,
highly sensitives and light workers.

Highly sensitive people have more sensitive nervous systems and this affects about 20% of the population. Empaths are the super sensitives that can, in different ways feel what others are feeling.  Lightworkers are those of us born with an innate knowing that we are here to help others and the planet so we can all live in more peace.  

Are you are sensitive woman who is looking for support in life?  I specialize in helping sensitive women, so you are in the right place!

My ability to make the connections to what is blocking you whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, or spiritually and remove those blocks quickly is very unique.  

I utilize many modalities for healing and I have been working with clients to heal their trauma patterns stopping them from being the empowered women that they are meant to be.  

Most recently, I graduated as a Strategic Interventionist and now work to heal trauma stopping my clients from making the impact and income that they desire in their soulful businesses.  

It is my absolute passion to take all that I have learned as a healer and become a spiritual business coach.  The trauma patterns that we picked up in childhood affect us today in our businesses and they stop us from making the impact that we desire.  

Regulate Program

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Through my own struggle of healing patterns that were showing up in my business keeping it from growing, I now enjoy helping healers, coaches, yoga teachers, psychics, tarot card readers, massage therapists and more to get out of their own way, make massive change in the world and make the income they desire.  

To apply to work with me in my extended 1 on 1 program, click below.

I only take a small amount of applicants to keep my work very high level and for my clients to get me at my optimal energy.

As light workers it is our mission to help those we came to this planet to serve and when we are not doing that, it is painful.

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