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1:1 Coaching with Erin

Using a combination of psychology, science and spirit I create 1 on 1 programs that heal at a deep level.  Whether you are a heart lead entrepreneur seeking to start and/or grow your soul aligned business, or a sensitive soul that is looking for a deeper level of healing and mindset work.

Erin is a Coach & Healer for empaths,
highly sensitives and light workers.

Highly sensitive people have more sensitive nervous systems and this affects about 20% of the population. Empaths are the super sensitives that can, in different ways feel what others are feeling.  Lightworkers are those of us born with an innate knowing that we are here to help others and the planet so we can all live in more peace.  

My ability to make the connections to what is blocking you whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, or spiritually and remove those blocks quickly is very unique.  

I utilize many modalities for healing that include both psychological tools and ancient spiritual wisdom, as well as being an intuitive channel.  I work with clients to heal their trauma patterns stopping them from being the empowered versions of themselves that they are meant to be.  

In essence, I free you to be who you really are.

I also have training in being a Strategic Interventionist and now work to heal trauma/patterns/habits stopping my clients from making the impact and income that they desire in their soulful businesses.  

It is my absolute passion to take all that I have learned as a healer and utilize that in my spiritual business coaching practice.  The trauma patterns that we picked up in childhood affect us today in our businesses and they stop us from making the impact that we desire. 

My signature coaching packages take you on an empowering journey of healing and growth.

Together, we work towards building more safety in your nervous system and healing patterns and programs that keep you stuck. We get a clear understanding of what is happening mind, body and spirit and we begin working towards your desired goals and outcomes. Through a holistic combination of tools and techniques as well as guidance on the major areas of life, we focus on unraveling stuck trauma responses and build new patterns towards regulation and safety in your body so that you can live the full life you desire. 

I can also support you to start and/or grow your soul aligned business and work through any of the trauma patterns keeping you stuck in business.

This package is perfect for anyone who feels ready to commit to a process together in this work.  Like working out, the more you do it, the quicker you see results.  It took time for these issues to develop in your body, or life.  It will take time and patience to unravel them.  But with support and the right guide it can happen so much faster!   

Healing is not always comfortable or easy but staying stuck where we are isn’t comfortable either.  I am here with you every step of the way, to hold the space for you, encourage you, and guide you.

The sessions work best for those open to holistic healing techniques and ready to do the work, to show up and be present fully in the session and let go and trust the process.  

Erin works in a unique way using the tools she has learned, but also being an intuitive channel, she receives very direct guidance from your guides, if you can relax and trust the process, you will see things move very quickly in your life and healing

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Navigating being a highly sensitive, empath, dealing with chronic fatigue/pain, trauma, or a life that feels off track? I’m here to help.

If you are short on time, try a distance energy healing, or Voxer coaching (done over a voice/text app)

Ready to dive in and do the deeper somatic and nervous system healing work and see massive transformation?

Want support starting or growing your soul aligned business?

Have a highly sensitive child, or teen that could use some support?

Hear what clients are saying about working with Erin:

Who I Work With:

I specialize in working with highly sensitive people, empaths and/or light workers. I also help support the following:

  • If you struggle with anxiety, depression, or feeling overwhelmed
  • If you struggle with body image and emotional/compulsive eating
  • Overcoming people pleasing,  perfectionism, procrastination, addictive habits/cravings/impulses
  • Overcoming trauma and survival patterns-learning your unique nervous system
  • ADHD and hyperactivity 
  • If you consider yourself a rebel, the creative, the black sheep, the doesn’t-quite-fit-the-standard-box (I’m with you and I get you)
  • If you are in a life transition
  • Healing relationship issues + feeling more connected to your partner with better communication and flow
  • Single and ready to meet your soul mate
  • Building self confidence and getting empowered + motivated
  • Connecting to your Spirit and strengthening your intuition
  • If you struggle with chronic fatigue and other chronic pain/autoimmune health issues
  • Working on self love by healing unworthiness/not enoughness, being hard on/mean to yourself
  • If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur ready to start and/or grow your business-but feel stuck
  • Stepping into your Zone of Genius and living from that place
  • Breaking any proverbial glass ceilings to feel more pleasure, joy, confidence and expansion

Tools and Modalities I use:

I specialize in working with highly sensitive people, empaths and/or light workers. I also help support the following:

  • Attachment Work
  • Intuitive Coaching and Channeling
  • Strategic Intervention Work
  • Theta Healing + Reiki Energy Healing
  • Somatic Coaching and Therapy-Body Based 
  • Nervous System Healing
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Emotional Empowerment
  • Internal Family Systems/Parts work
  • Mindset and Manifestation
  • Inner Child, Shadow Work
  • Balancing Inner Feminine and Masculine Energies
  • Neuro-Repatterning of the Subconscious Mind
  • De-shaming


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