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Soul Aligned Business Coaching

I am thrilled to be able to offer Soul Aligned Business Coaching for the highly sensitive person, creative, heart-centered, empaths and/or lightworkers that are ready to start and/or grow your business.

It is my mission to awaken inherent gifts, strengthen your abilities and confidence in yourself and your skills and give you the outside the box tools for business that work with the brains of people that don’t fit that standard “bro marketing” culture.

It is also my mission to support my fellow healers (in whatever form that works through you) to make more money and have a bigger impact.

  • Being and feeling supported in your work is important and
  • There is exponential impact to healing our world by empowering healers/sensitives/lightworkers to be doing their work.

Maybe you have tried different strategies and techniques from traditional marketing coaches and found that they didn’t work in your business.  I get it, I have too.  

They don’t work because you are not wired like that.  You need to be able to access creativity, sensitivity,  and market in ways that work with your unique nervous system and business.  You are most likely a feminine woman in business and this is a tricky dynamic to be in.  Most business approaches are highly masculine and don’t work with highly sensitive nervous systems and feminine ways.

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I am not the coach for everyone.

I use intuitive guidance, co-creating with what I call Spirit, your guides and angels, there will be times we are working on strategies to move your business forward and there will be times we are processing long held beliefs and uncomfortable feelings that are blocking you from growing your business. When we work one on one nothing is off limits and it all affects your growth in business and life.

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Are you ready to embrace your gifts and make more of an impact?

Are you ready to create more harmony within yourself and your business?

Some common issues I see with highly sensitive business owners:

  • They don’t really like self promotion and shy away from putting themselves out there.
  • They’ve wanted to create a business for a long time but have a fear of sharing with the world they might feel judged, or like an imposter-who am I to do this?
  • They resist their own wisdom and don’t feel confident to share their own words.
  • They are overwhelmed by the masculine dominant nature of business and believe there isn’t a place for their feminine nature for strategy, leadership and way of work.
  • Trauma patterns, attachment patterns come up and slow down the process, or create more stuckness in business
  • There is often anxiety present and it gets in the way of having clarity
  • Business feels too confusing and it’s easier to just give up and not risk failing than to find a way that works

It does not have to be that way!

When you work with me, you get someone who can support you in your business, I will care about it as much as you do. I will help you untangle any messes, give you tools to build clarity and a plan for you to work with to build success. Plus I bring a trauma-informed, nervous system friendly approach. I help you move through any of the limiting beliefs and blocks that come up so you can live in your zone of genius and do what you love, while making more money and more importantly a bigger impact on the world through helping those you serve. It is a ripple effect.

Who I can best support:

  • Coaches

  • Healers of any kind

  • Therapists-looking for more holistic support

  • Massage therapists

  • Yoga instructors 

  • Highly sensitives, empaths

  • Artists 

  • Service-based business owners-hair stylists, makeup artists

Areas I can support you with:

  • Creating online products and programs
  • Website ideas, branding (I do not make the website, or logo, but we can help you get clear on it and I have a website designer that can create your logo and website for you)
  • Social Media audit and plan
  • Sales and marketing – Articulating your offers and launch strategies
  • Feminine and masculine principles and energetics in business
  • Passive income streams 
  • Funnels for your products and programs
  • Mindset work, clearing limiting beliefs that come up as you grow, worthiness with pricing 
  • Nervous system healing – healing traumas that come up in business fight/flight/fawn/freeze responses 
  • Healing anxiety with business 
  • Getting you out of your head and in your body 
  • Accountability with your goals and a plan that feels good to you
  • Work life balance


Train with me!

Have you been feeling the call to help others in a deep way, but you don’t know where to start? I have a training program for Lightworkers (sensitives and empaths here to bring more light to this planet, at this time) to help you step into your power and awaken your spiritual gifts, so together we can help the planet evolve and rise.

Lightworker Academy Coaching and Healing 10 Month Certification Program

Registration for the 2024 program is NOW OPEN!

Apply by clicking the link below to register for the program!

reserve your spot!

As light workers is our mission to help those we came to this planet to serve and when we're not doing that, it is painful.

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Through my own struggle of healing patterns that were showing up in my business keeping it from growing, I now enjoy helping healers, coaches, yoga teachers, psychics, tarot card readers, massage therapists and more to get out of their own way, make massive change in the world and make the income they desire.  

To apply to work with me in my extended 1 on 1 program, click below.

I only take a small amount of applicants to keep my work very high level and for my clients to get me at my optimal energy.


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