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Cultivating More JOY!!

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This life is but a glimpse of the joy and beauty that is all around us, beyond what our eyes can see. We are creating this canvas in front of us. We are breathing life into it everyday. The beauty I see around me overwhelms me at times and I get dizzy. It is comforting knowing that I have done this all with my paintbrush, with my thoughts, feelings and desires of wanting to be some where and…poof there I am. I have often wondered where my inspiration would come from. I came to Bali to finish my book, yet in 4 months I have not written much. I often questioned if it was due to laziness, if I preferred sitting around in cafes sipping lattes and reading, or catching up with the many interesting souls that I have crossed paths with here in unique Ubud.


Life here just seems to take you in, spin you around and pretty soon a few months have passed by. At the same time it is preparing you, gently giving you lessons to overcome, helping you to grow and expand in ways you never even considered before. The joy that this journey has given me is beyond words. In fact, I have found my joy here. I have gotten in touch with a part of myself that I never knew. I have found my true me, the one that is oh-so-wise, beautiful and creative. I have found true beauty. I don’t accredit this all to myself, I have some amazing teachers and here in Bali it is Laurel Satori that has helped me to see things in a much clearer light. Her ability to call me out on things, when I am not in my truth and her wisdom I am forever grateful for.

I have been determined, dedicated and working hard, but not at all in the ways that I thought I would be. I thought I would spend endless hours in cafes writing, to set my sights on my first novel. Instead, I have been spending endless hours getting rid of old programming that no longer serves me, finding my joy, getting in touch with my true power and the essence of who I am. In short, creating a new me. A stronger, more in her-own-version that understands things on a different level. A doesn’t loose sight of her joy so quickly version. I have to give myself a pat on the back for all that work. We should all acknowledge ourselves more.


In this crazy, beautiful thing we call life, we spend time building up walls to protect ourselves from people, lovers, things in our environments, then we spend just as long knocking them down to be more free, more open to discover new parts of ourselves that didn’t exist before. It can be tiring, exhausting and a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. It is just one big beautiful flow of energy working on us, asking us to open more to that ever present flow that is always around us. That dancing joy that is always calling us, asking us to join it in its dance. We are meant to be in our joy! It is a fact. But there are so many circumstances and things that try to get in our way. I say stay committed to joy. Let that be your one and only job and goal in life. If something, or someone wants to try and take you out of your joy, stay focused on joy, find something that brings you back to that joy. Abraham Hicks says: If we were talking to you on your first day here we would say “Welcome to planet Earth. There is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have. And your work here-your life career-is to seek joy.”


I say don’t make it so hard. Have more fun, more laughter, more love and more joy than you ever thought possible. Why do we all try to make it so hard? How does that really serve us in the long-run? There is so much to discover in this world. So many beautiful things to see. So many books to read, paintings to paint, dances to be danced. There is so much here, why do we focus on what we don’t have, where we want to be and negative things in the world?

I meet more people who love to go off on little rants about this terrible thing and that horrible thing and all the bad people and all of their bad ways of doing things and how this world is going to pot. Well the next time someone decides to throw their verbal junk on me, I am just going to smile and say that I really need to use the restroom and politely walk away. Or, maybe I will say have you looked up at the sky today? When was the last time you saw all the stars twinkling at you from above? On second thought, maybe I will ask that person if I have the words “garbage disposal” written across my forehead, because they are spewing all of their garbage at me. There is so much beauty here and so many people are lost in all the negative. I also meet a lot of people who are just feel really lost right now. Not sure what they are doing, or what is next for them, or where they are going, unhappy by it all.


A lot of people feel lost right now it is true, but it is because they have gotten so far away from their true nature, that part of them that knows everything and has no fears, doubts, or worries. If they could only get still and quiet long enough to connect with that part things would change. They would begin seeing the joy that is their true nature. Things happen, good or bad, things happen in life. But why do we get so attached to those things. “Oh, my relationship is failing, I lost my job, I don’t have any friends, I don’t have as much money, or success as I thought I would by now.” Get out of your heads! Get into your hearts! Things are going to happen, but if we step away from what we see as the disaster of our life and realize it is just an experience that we chose to have, then we see how we can change it. We see that it doesn’t have to be that way. We see that there is a part of us that is asking us to change to move farther away from fear and step into love. Until we learn to do that, we may keep having these types of experiences come up.


I am here, I would like to hear your stories. Most importantly I want to know…what are you painting on the canvas of your life today? What can you do to be more in your joy…today? I love hearing from you! I am visioning you all in so much love, light and JOY!

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