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Energy Efficiency

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When we think of energy efficiency, we tend to automatically think of turning off lights, unplugging unused electrical equipment and efficient heating and cooling options. But the energy efficiency I am referring to is our own personal, inner energy. Our bodies are made up of energy. When we are tired, we sometimes say I have low energy today, or when we are hyper we say, I have lots of energy. We really are made up of a vast array of energetic pathways that run all through our bodies in all different directions.

Just like any electrical piece of equipment, sometimes parts don’t work right, sometimes it breaks down and needs repair and sometimes there is a short circuit. In body energetics this would be called a blockage. There is something stuck in the body that is preventing a flow of energy to a certain part. Like when water is running through a hose and you kink the hose and the water stops running, sometimes kinks form and stop energy from passing through. These “kinks” can show up as knots in the body, colds, flu, pain in certain areas, tightness, or a vast array of other symptoms.
How do the kinks form, you may ask? From our day to day lives and the pressures we put on our bodies. From us not tuning inward and listening to our bodies and giving ourselves a break. From being stressed, from not speaking our truth, from not being content with a situation, from work, from driving, etc. Our bodies are holding on to so much, they may even be holding on to past trauma, things from childhood, or even as far back as something from the womb. As scary as that sounds it can all be worked with and worked through by people who do energy work. I do energy work, as well as many of my friends and there are many different techniques. But it all works on getting stuck energy out and removing it from the body, as well as doing healing massage. On top of that, discussing any relevant concerns, issues or frustrations that you are working on is helpful. Not holding things in. There are many of us who feel that being silent about their problems is better than sharing them, but truthfully you need to vent and let them out sometimes. Even if it is just to a good friend. Share and release. Get rid of that energy so that it doesn’t stick with you and get released in another way.
It is also important to pay attention to who/what you spend your energy on. If you hang out with a certain person and always feel drained after you spend time with them, maybe it is a good idea to distance yourself for a bit. Energy efficiency works in all areas of your life. If you go to work everyday and hate what you do and where you work and are negative the whole time you are there, but it pays well and that is why you stay, your body will begin to tell you things sometimes in the form of pain or sickness. It is the whole idea of being content with the way things are, or changing them. But not being negative and taking your stuff out on others. That is giving your negative energy to the world and that is what we need to cut down on. When walking by others on the street, how awesome is it to just say “hi”, or to get an unexpected “hi” and “have a nice day” from a stranger. It sounds small, but this is one big step in the right direction. Say “hi” in an elevator. Tell people when they leave to “have a nice day”, I do it all the time.
Be content with where you are, with what you have and live in gratitude for everything you have in your life right here in this moment. That is the best way to begin to cultivate energy efficiency right now. Beginning to clear out those things, people, situations that no longer serve you, that make you feel less than the shinning, beautiful expression that you are. Start today to conserve your energy. To use it on things to better yourself, your future and the world around you. Watch how as your energy changes into a more free-flowing, loving energy it begins to shift those around you. It is a ripple affect. Just like a rain drop in a pond that sends out ripples, your energy radiates out to those that come into contact with you. Don’t take my word for it, try it for a day. Try to stay in the positive flow, to say hi to strangers, to be in the moment. Try it and see what happens, no matter your situation and whatever excuses you can come up with for not trying it. Just try it and see.
Love and light,

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