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Exhaustion is not a good look

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Can we change this paradigm my friends? Exhaustion is just not a good look. When did BUSY become something to be grateful for? I get it, we live in a culture that requires a certain amount of money to thrive in, but we have got to change the way we view work and making money. I have been feeling not so great the last two days and have needed to take a break from this constant pace of go go go. I wear a lot of different hats, have several different things going at once and brain that is constantly giving me new ideas and ways to create in my business. Which is why I have to take days where I unplug and push the pause button or I will burn myself out! So today I did a bit of work and will then go get some lunch and a massage. The best way to recharge. I have found the perfect work flow for me is some creative work time and some time off to contemplate, be in nature, or do something nurturing for myself. I don’t believe in an 8 hour work day. That started in the 50’s for people working in factories. Friends we are not meant to work like that. There are other ways that bring in equal, if not more abundance. And the key starts with changing how you look at money. If you let money have power over you then you will work yourself to the bone. If you believe you are abundant inherently and all that you need and want comes to you easily and effortlessly then that will be your story. Unfortunately it’s not exactly that easy, because we tend to have a LOT of internal stories surrounding money. But, the good news is those can be changed and guess who can help you with that? That’s right, yours truly and it is a big part of my Women’s Program. Registration closes March 9th. Reach out to me to set up a short call to learn more!

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