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Getting Back to Love

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I talked with my Grandma today. I have to admit she has always been one of my role models. Such a loving and giving person to everyone. Her heart is always open and she is a really good representation of how if you give, you receive in so many ways. But the key is giving without expecting. She told me how this past December they had a huge blizzard in Iowa, where she lives. She lives out in the country where there are not many houses around. A man got his car stuck and needed a place to stay through the night, because the storm was very severe. My grandma took him in, not sure what she was getting herself into, but knowing that if she, or anyone in her family was in the same condition, she would hope someone else would do the same thing. The man turned out to be very nice and wanted to repay her, she simply said no, but you can donate any money that you would give to me to our local library. He did and wrote a very nice letter saying that he would pass on the opportunity to help someone else in any way that he could. One act of kindness that causes a chain reaction and makes us open our hearts and our doors to someone in need. I am reminded, as of course we need to be careful in doing so, that giving in such a way and having faith that you will be ok, is such an act of surrender and love. Being open and surrendering to what is, (good or bad) is really the only way to live. We have to do so in order to move forward, to get unstuck, to live in a way that we never have before.

I am reminded of how I can surrender more in my life and get back to love. Love, not just in a relationship sense, but love in all aspects of life. Living in love with Everything…your drive to work, doing the dishes, talking on the phone, your job, cleaning your house, etc. It just pays off in the end (not to mention on your health) to be open and in love with everything, even the bad stuff. It is all here to help us along our path and to move us in the direction that we were born to go.

I ask that you do me a favor, as Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Instead of getting mad at something, or someone that you usually get mad at, just let it go. Just smile, or even laugh at the situation and move on. Just see how the situation works out if you do that. Just let it go with love. And then turn around and use that love to do something nice for someone that you do not know. See how that makes them feel. Because as we give more love out into the world, we will get more love in return. Let’s make every day a Love Day.

Feb. 11, 2010

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