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Gratitude Rampage

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There was a study done where they went around the world and measured the overall happiness of the people living in the area observing different concepts.  They determined that the happiest country was Bangladesh, a country between Thailand and India.  It is an extremely poor country, but the inhabitants are really happy, why?  Because they have gratitude all the time for what they do have, even the simple things.  Clean water, food, shelter.  Really consider what your life would be like without these things?  No matter what you are going through in life there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!
Robert Emmons is the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude.  He has done countless experiments on the effects of gratitude and here is what he came up with that the effects of gratitude improve:

• Stronger immune systems
• Less bothered by aches and pains
• Lower blood pressure
• Exercise more and take better care of their health
• Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking

• Higher levels of positive emotions
• More alert, alive, and awake
• More joy and pleasure
• More optimism and happiness

• More helpful, generous, and compassionate
• More forgiving
• More outgoing
• Feel less lonely and isolated.

He recommends keeping a gratitude journal of things you have to be grateful for each day.  Having gratitude each day allows us to celebrate the present moment, boosts self worth and helps us release toxic negative emotions.  If you are constantly thinking about what you are grateful for, you kind of can’t help but be joyful!  This can and should be an ongoing practice to bring more fulfillment in your life.

Of course our gratitude rampage is going to include things about ourselves that we are grateful for, maybe you like that you are adventurous, outgoing or spontaneous.  Maybe you like that you are a good friend, or a giving person.  You are going to find gratitude for things outside of you as well, but most importantly find gratitude for you.
1. Take out your journal and write down at least 10 things you like about yourself.
2. Get in front of a mirror, or do this in your car on your way to, or from work.
3. Gratitude rampage!  Speak out loud for about 1 min all the things you have to be grateful for and those things you are desiring in your life that you don’t yet have that you will be grateful for, saying them as if they are already here.
4. Start with those things you love about yourself first.  Start every sentence with “I am so grateful and thankful for…”
For this one I decided to call in a little help from my friends, if you have any questions about this exercise this little girl will help you understand it.
I recommend the movements she uses for emphasis!  The point is to have some fun with this and start to incorporate it into your daily routine!
Do this at least two times today, morning and before bed.
With love,

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