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Have a Heart-On

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How many decisions do you make with your head and how many with your heart? Do you live with your heart or your head? Let’s start making more decisions and live more from our heart, which is love. Fear lives in our head. When we live from our head we tend to do what we think we “should” do, which is fear, rather than what our hearts are telling us, which is love. I just made a big decision last night to go away for a month to finish my book. My head had all kinds of things to say about this, but my heart was much louder this time and it won. There are a million logical reasons to not follow your heart, but at the end of your life would you rather say I made lots of good logical decisions, or would you rather say I lived life to the fullest and I took risks? Some good and some not so good, but I really lived my life. So go out there and turn your heart on. ¬†Have a heart-on.

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