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Healing Program

Do you find yourself...

– Overwhelmed a lot

– Stuck in a spin

– Struggling with anxiety, or depression

– Struggling with perfectionism

– Playing small in your life and work

– Afraid to shine for fear others might reject you or they will feel less than so you hold back your truth/authenticity, voice/spirit/gifts

– Lacking boundaries with self and others, and/or

– Struggling with chronic health issues, or chronic fatigue?

If you said yes to any of the above, then I am the coach/healer for you.

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I specialize in helping sensitive women heal patterns wired from childhood and other traumatic experiences. I free you to be who you really are, beyond the survival mechanisms set up unconsciously to keep you safe, but are now burning you out.

My 3-6 month one on one program called Regulate and Rise will help you go from putting so much pressure on yourself, swimming in self doubt, feeling tired and burnt out and spiraling each time you try to make a decision to move forward to living your life more from pleasure in mind, body and spirit.

“Many mental health disorders, or “mystery illnesses” are unaddressed symptoms of nervous system dysregulation.”

The Holistic Psychologist

Topics we cover during the Healing Program

(varies person to person depending on your needs)

– Chronic health issues and tools to overcome them

– Overcoming/learning how to work with perfectionism, people pleasing, procrastination tendencies

– Learning to work with and regulate your unique nervous system-an ongoing process-and get out of fight/flight/fawn states

– Rewiring subconscious beliefs keeping you stuck in lack and limitation

– Boundaries with self and others

– Learning to live in the body and not in the head

– Somatic practices for more groundedness and peace

– A plan that works with your unique energy for organization to get out of chaos and into calm

– Better sleep

– Happier and healthier relationships

– Increased abundance in your business, or career

-Self confidence and motivation

A Dysregulated Nervous System Affects Your:

– Confidence

– Relationships

– The way you care for and love yourself

– Your finances

– Intimacy and partnership

– Speaking your truth, asking for what you need

– Emotional state by bringing up anxiety and depression

– Habits, making you fall into unwanted habits and ways of thinking

– Health – this way of thinking and feeling leads to chronic health issues and more

Using the many modalities I work with I tailor the sessions to what you are needing.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Somatic Coaching + Healing-body based
  • Theta Healing and Reiki Energy Healing
  •  Shadow Work/Parts Work/Inner Child healing
  • Intuitive Coaching + Mindset Work
  • Emotional Empowerment
  • Attachment Work
  • Nervous System Understanding + Healing
  • Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy
  • Family Constellation Therapy, which includes ancestral healing of generational trauma

My Healing Program is a 3-6 month program designed to take you out of all the pressure you put on yourself because of these toxic belief systems and into experiencing life with more groundedness, pleasure and joy.

To get started fill out the application for my new 1 on 1 program Regulate and Rise.

My signature coaching package takes you on an empowering journey of healing and growth.

Together, we work towards building more safety in your nervous system and healing patterns and programs that keep you stuck. We get a clear understanding of what is happening mind, body and spirit and we begin working towards your desired goals and outcomes. Through a holistic combination of tools and techniques as well as guidance on the major areas of life, we focus on unraveling stuck trauma responses and build new patterns towards regulation and safety in your body so that you can live the full life you desire. 

I can also support you to start and/or grow your soul aligned business and work through any of the trauma patterns keeping you stuck in business.


This package is perfect for anyone who feels ready to commit to a process together in this work.  Like working out, the more you do it, the quicker you see results.  It took time for these issues to develop in your body, or life.  It will take time and patience to unravel them.  But with support and the right guide it can happen so much faster!   

Healing is not always comfortable or easy but staying stuck where we are isn’t comfortable either.  I am here with you every step of the way, to hold the space for you, encourage you, and guide you.

The sessions work best for those open to holistic healing techniques and ready to do the work, to show up and be present fully in the session and let go and trust the process.  

I work in a unique way using the tools I have learned, but also being an intuitive channel, I receive very direct guidance from your guides, if you can relax and trust the process, you will see things move very quickly in your life and healing

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Coaching Package Details

Not ready for a deep dive into your healing with a one on one package?

Check out Erin’s Nervous System Healing Self Paced program to learn your unique nervous system and have many tools and somatic practices to get out of dysregulated nervous system states. 


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