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How to Make This Year Your Best One Yet!

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Happy New Year!!!  2015 is a year of EIGHT, which is a money and power number: but the right use of both.  According to Numerology.  Click here for more on what your personal number for the year is.  Collectively it is a year of prosperity and abundance if we can allow it and get out of our own way and Trust that we are being taken care of.
For me it is a year to be FEARLESS!  Anything that scares me is a place that I am going to go head in and investigate, because as I am learning our fears are just big scary monsters in the room until we turn on the light and then they disappear.  We realize that they are not a big deal after all.
I will share a personal story with you now about fear.  I don’t take naps very often.  I used to a lot, but find that it is hard for me to rest during the day now.  But recently I was feeling very worn out and took a nap.  It happens to me almost every time I take a nap, I wake up in a frightened state, look around the room and think “Oh my gosh, I have so many things to do,” or I miss someone, or something weird like that.  I have never questioned that, never thought that might be strange and tried to investigate it, I just thought of myself as someone who gets a little anxiety from naps (not from sleeping through the night) but from taking naps.
Then when I took this nap a couple of weeks ago, it happened, my heart racing I woke up in a fit of “Oh my goodness,” thought after thought coming through my anxious mind.  But this time I did something different.  I stopped and internally I asked myself “What are you afraid of?”  “What needs to be taken care of, what has to get done or someone will die in this moment?”  The answer from inside was NOTHING.
So I laid there for a while longer, listening to my body, slowing my heart and deepening my breath.  And then something magical happened, I fell back to sleep!  That Never happened before, by the way.
As a long time sufferer of anxiety, even to the point of panic attacks, all of that has died down, but there are still bits that come up from time to time.  They are the monsters that are just wanting light to be shown on them, so I can heal and grow in my life.  That is all anxiety is.  It is an underlying fear that if we take the precious time to look at that fear and work with it, sometimes it takes time, but eventually the light shines so bright that the fear can’t hide any more.
I realized where this fear came from.  In the moment I was lying there I had a memory of being at my babysitters house and waking up from a nap not knowing where I was, or where my mom was.  I was in a strange place, it scared me.  I was with unfamiliar people.  I remember this happening a lot.  I would scream bloody murder and cry really hard.  I was really young.
So now I had an idea of where this fear came from.  As is the case most times, it comes from something that happened in childhood, even something as seemingly harmless like daycare, with nice people.  I liked them, they were our neighbors, but I felt unsafe coming out of a deep sleep and being in a different place.  In that moment in my bed, with my racing heart, I said to myself, “It’s ok Erin, you are safe, there is nothing that needs to get done, you are home.”
I have felt more peace since then.  A part of me that felt unsafe in the world calmed down.  That has been a common theme in my life, feeling unsafe.  That is what I will be working on in 2015.  Feeling safe and being Fearless.
But we must be willing to go straight into our fears, one by one as they come up and knock them down and shine light on them.  Are you up for that challenge!?!
As I learned, there was nothing to fear, it was just some inner child fear that needed to be healed.  We have the power to do this and sometimes we just need assistance to get to a place where we can objectively see the fear and heal it.  That is where I come in and help!
So let’s make 2015 the best year yet, full of abundance and power, stepping into our power and out of our fear.
What are 3 things you are giving up this year?  Write them down and then burn them!
For me it is: fear of any sort, but especially the fear of putting myself out in the world more (which I need to get over because I am writing my book this year), fear that people will not accept me if I speak my truth and anxious thoughts.
What 3 things are you bringing into 2015?  Write them down and put them some where you can see them often!
1. Being a Published Author
2. Abundance in all forms, financial, love, and peace
3. Leading Retreats, especially to Bali!
4. More fun, more travel, more adventures!  India!
Please email me and share what you are bringing in this year!  I would love to hear from you!  For any information on my Spiritual Navigation sessions to jump start your 2015, please email me!

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