Soul Retreat to Ireland 2024

Join me on the journey of a lifetime in Ireland August 17-24, 2024 on this soul retreat.

Are You Ready To:

  1. Push the pause button, reset and renew yourself in beautiful places with like-minded people?
  2. Let go of some things that no longer serve you so you can up-level and rise?
  3. Live life from an empowered and authentic place, where you trust yourself and make choices that are in alignment with who you are?

Then join me on this retreat!

I empower women, just like you, to do all of the above and more.

The truth is that when you get in alignment and start living from an authentic place, everything around you changes.

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so when we do the inner work to get you back in touch with and connected to, who you are (your authentic self) you feel:

This is a curated experience to include spiritual/sacred sites, allowing you to see several towns and places in Ireland and get a real feel for the land and its magic.  These were my favorite spots that I went to when I first visited Ireland in 2016. 

I knew I wanted to take a group here to share in the magic I had found in this place.  Group work with me will be different day to day and will include a variety of experiences including: yoga, coaching, meditation, visualization, somatic work, breathwork, energy healing, grounding, reiki, theta healing.

Being in and around ancient sacred sites creates the space and energy for you to rise above old ways of being, limiting beliefs and truly release so you can begin manifesting your highest desires. 


We will be supporting you to step into your warrior spirit through these ancient lands.  This will allow you to align with your desires in your life.

We work on freeing the emotions, experiencing vibrant energy and accessing your vital inner power.

We will work on mental freedom, by releasing you from the bondages of the mind, limiting beliefs and self sabotage that we so often do to ourselves.

We will be experiencing sacred sites, meditating in these vortex places where the veil is thin and doing sacred ceremonies.

Find Yourself on Retreat in Ireland!

Space is Limited!

Something profound happens when you decide to commit to a week long retreat where do yoga, attend powerful workshops, do energy work and try new things.

As long as you stay open to the process and not try to fight it, but instead relax into it, you can’t help but to release some of your old patterns that are no longer serving you and step into your truth.

I witness this any time I take a group on a retreat.  It happens more effortlessly than when we are at home, caught up in our day to day life.

We can’t go as deep because something is always pulling us back into our reality of kids, job, house, and so on.

Each woman who came shared:

"I will never be the same after this retreat."

Your Retreat Leader-Erin McGuire You might have noticed by my name that I am Irish.  I got my ancestry done and it turns out I am 80.4% Irish!

Growing up my grandpa always had a book of Ireland on the coffee table that I would look at often, he always wanted to go, but never made it.  

In 2016 I got the opportunity to go to Ireland.  It was such a magical, mystical experience for me.  I knew then and there that I would bring a group with me next time.  It took me a few years to create, but now it is time!

My mission is inspiring you to rise into your greatness and live a life that you love.  I do this through my coaching and healing work, retreats, workshops, yoga, writing and speaking.  I absolutely love what I do and have a passion for taking you out of self defeating patterns of not good enough and unworthiness and into loving who you are and feeling empowered.  In fact my mission during my lifetime is to eradicate the feeling of unworthiness and not good enough, to the extent that I can!  I feel so strongly that when you can let these destructive patterns go your whole life changes.  When you feel good about yourself, you treat everyone around you better and so the ripple effect happens.

It is a privilege that I do not take lightly to lead a group ready to expand and grow on a trip that may be on the other side of the world to you.  I understand that it takes a lot of trust in me as the leader to know that you will be well guided and safe, as well as have an incredible experience.  I am honored to be that guide and know you are in the best hands when you commit to my retreat.  You will have the best experience possible, because I don’t settle for less!  If you are open to new experiences and ready to try new things and maybe even get a little uncomfortable at times (part of the growth process) then you are most definitely in the right place.  I promise you that you will return home having had a life changing trip, one that stays with you forever.

  When you combine the magic and sacredness of Ireland, seeing amazing sites, my coaching and healing work and yoga for a week, you will up-level in ways you didn’t even know were possible!

Plenty of great pricing options

Shared Room

Private bath shared with one other (only available if you bring someone with you)
$ 2,800
  • A $700 non-refundable deposit holds your space

Private Room

Private Room/private bath, queen bed
$ 3,111
  • A $700 non-refundable deposit holds your space
What’s Included?
What Do You Get?
What’s Not Included?
Additional Information:

Who is This retreat for?

This is for you if:

  • You are open to new experiences, are open minded about exploring and are laid back about the flow of the schedule knowing you are in good hands.
  • You are excited to see sacred sites of Ireland and open to new experiences.
  • You are ready to get out of your comfort zone and transform your mindset, manifestation and heal areas in your life that may not be in alignment for you any more.
  • You are ready to find more peace within.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You need a structured schedule to follow precisely, and/or flexibility in the schedule stresses you out.
  • You are closed off to visiting sacred sites.
  • You are looking to party, while you are totally on your own in the evenings to explore night life wherever we are, you are not to be disruptive to other participants, or let things get out of control.
  • You need luxury accommodations-our places are very nice, but not luxury spots.  We will be staying in traditional Irish bed and breakfasts.

Register today with your deposit to save your spot! We have limited space available!

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