Eat, Pray, Love Retreat in Tuscany, Italy

Join me on the journey of a lifetime in Italy September 18-24, 2023 on this soul retreat.

Are You Ready To:

  1. Push the pause button, reset and renew yourself in beautiful places with like-minded people?
  2. Let go of some things that no longer serve you so you can up-level and rise?
  3. Live life from an empowered and authentic place, where you trust yourself and make choices that are in alignment with who you are?

Join me on this retreat!

This retreat will be about balancing the feminine and masculine energies within you. The yin and the yang. This balancing has been coming up for all of us collectively for a couple of years now. We have been shown where we have been deeply out of balance-stuck in a toxic masculine world of doing, going non-stop, living in our heads and not in our bodies. 

We are being asked collectively to allow the feminine aspect of BEING to become more prevalent in our lives, to live in our bodies, feel our feelings and live in flow with our inner being. The divine feminine and divine masculine alive and in balance in each one of us.

This is the theme of this retreat and the coaching, healing work, ceremonies will all be around the theme of balancing these sacred energies within ourselves.

Experience what the Italians call “Dolce far Niente” the sweetness of doing nothing, while eating outside at a lovely cafe while people watching the expressive Italians, or sipping wine overlooking the gorgeous Tuscan landscape, or while walking along the little alleyways of Siena.

There is no better place to do deep, sacred work like this than on a retreat in a place designed for that very thing. Where the actual land itself yields results far greater and much faster than one can do alone. Where you feel as though you are being guided to a more elevated place, where each step takes you further into your truth and being.

When you are with like minded people, doing sacred work and ceremonies with a guide who has been doing this work for over 13 years and has taken many groups around the world, where you are in a place to experience joy, eat delicious food and let your inner child explore new places. When you are out of your comfort zone and routine you open yourself up for more magic and miracles.

We will be walking sacred ley lines that pilgrims have been walking since the 1200’s.

What are ley lines?

They are said to carry with them rivers of “supernatural energy”. At the intersection point of these lines are said to be sections of concentrated energy, which can be tapped into by certain individuals.

As we walk the path of St. Francis and St. Clare in Assisi, visit sacred temples and places of worship that have been the home to millions over time we will find the essence of grace, peace, simplicity and balance within ourselves.

This journey is for those who are drawn to explore mystical Italy, with all its rich symbolism, renaissance art, majestic sacred sites and powerful leyline awakenings.

We will be fully immersed in Italian culture, staying in a home away from home in Assisi and Murlo (a small, quaint village near Siena) tasting the delicious food and walking the path of St Francis of Assisi & St Clare. Expect heart opening, transformation and laughter with soul family.

We will also be traveling on the subtle energy current deep beneath the land that is waking and firing; the Athena and Apollo ley lines. Through honoring key node points on the ley line we bring harmony and activate this grid of light as we move through the landscape.

This sacred journey offers the opportunity to reclaim and revision your life and discover your path to freedom!

Italy holds rich archetypal energies of the feminine and the masculine through its art, sacred sites and culture.

These archetypal energies are rising up for re-patterning, new visions and co-creations towards brilliance, freedom and joy. The new archetypal forces are being born through us in our capacity to individually and collectively shift and raise consciousness to new levels of unity, peace, collaboration, equality and freedom

Space is Limited! We only have a few spots left on this retreat!

Something profound happens when you decide to commit to a week long retreat where do yoga, attend powerful workshops, do energy work and try new things.

As long as you stay open to the process and not try to fight it, but instead relax into it, you can’t help but to release some of your old patterns that are no longer serving you and step into your truth.

I witness this any time I take a group on a retreat.  It happens more effortlessly than when we are at home, caught up in our day to day life.

We can’t go as deep because something is always pulling us back into our reality of kids, job, house, and so on.

Each woman who came shared:

"I will never be the same after this retreat."


1. Hotel in Assisi

In the heart of Assisi, inside a historic building from the 1200s finely renovated in 2020, history and design come together to give life to the Asisium Boutique Hotel.  The hotel’s central location is ideal for setting out to discover the countless beauties of the city.  You can enjoy the charm of living in the historic centre, among breathtaking views and peaceful corners.

We will be having our welcome dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, Osteria del Corso.  Housed in an old cellar, the restaurant has a very ancient history, which dates back to the early 1900s, when it was born as a refreshment for pilgrims visiting Assisi. 

2. Hotel in Tuscany

Bosco della Spina is located in a small village with ancient origins and an enchanting name, Lupompesi. It is located on top of a hill with a breathtaking view of Crevole valley overlooking the medieval village of Murlo in the distance; in short, a perfect Tuscany postcard.

Your Retreat Leader-Erin McGuire 

I recently counted how many retreats I have led over the years and I am well over 22, including 8 international retreats.  I love bringing people to new places and showing them the experience of a lifetime that involves spirituality, yoga + wellness and also the culture of that place. 

My mission is inspiring you to rise into your greatness and live a life that you love.  I do this through my coaching and healing work, retreats, workshops, yoga, writing and speaking.  I absolutely love what I do and have a passion for taking you out of self defeating patterns of not good enough and unworthiness and into loving who you are and feeling empowered.  In fact my mission during my lifetime is to eradicate the feeling of unworthiness and not good enough, to the extent that I can!  I feel so strongly that when you can let these destructive patterns go your whole life changes.  When you feel good about yourself, you treat everyone around you better and so the ripple effect happens.

It is a privilege that I do not take lightly to lead a group ready to expand and grow on a trip that may be on the other side of the world to you.  I understand that it takes a lot of trust in me as the leader to know that you will be well guided and safe, as well as have an incredible experience.  I am honored to be that guide and know you are in the best hands when you commit to my retreat.  You will have the best experience possible, because I don’t settle for less!  If you are open to new experiences and ready to try new things and maybe even get a little uncomfortable at times (part of the growth process) then you are most definitely in the right place.  I promise you that you will return home having had a life changing trip, one that stays with you forever.

  When you combine the magic and sacredness of Italy, seeing amazing sites, my coaching and healing work and yoga for a week, you will up-level in ways you didn’t even know were possible!

pricing options

Shared Room

(this is only offered if you have a friend/family member to travel with)
$ 3100
  • A $700 non-refundable deposit holds your space

Private Room

Private Room/private bath, queen bed
$ 3500
  • A $700 non-refundable deposit holds your space
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Must Read Notes Before Registering:

We highly recommend flying in and staying at our pickup hotel Sept. 17, so you can be prepared to leave on the 18th.  If you stay anywhere else the night of the 17th, you will be required to meet at the designated hotel on the 18th  For flights out on the 24th, they must be after 5pm to accommodate travel from our location in Tuscany to Rome.  Airport code is FCO out of Rome.  Skyscanner.com is my go to place to book flights.  Upon putting your deposit down you will receive an email with how to book your hotel before, or after the retreat and other information.  


Register today with your deposit to save your spot! We have limited space available!

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