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It’s OK to just rest.

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This is me today, this weekend. Sometimes. I struggled with posting this picture, because I look tired, with messy hair and absolutely no makeup. But I also tire of all the perfect pics we all post on social media only showing the happy and perfect moments. This weekend I felt horrible, whether it is adrenal fatigue or my hormones being out of balance, this happens to me sometimes and I sleep a lot and want to stay indoors. I also struggle posting this because I feel like being a coach and healer I SHOULD be perfect and healed. And sometimes I have a day too and that is ok. 💛
I have had adrenal fatigue for a couple of years now and it is worlds better, but I still have these kind of days. I want to work on being more real. More vulnerable and showing it is ok if you don’t feel good today. It’s ok to take time out to rest, or just sleep. It’s ok to have a day. Tomorrow I will probably be back to feeling like myself again and if I don’t I will take it easy. That is what adrenal fatigue has taught me. Deeper self love. Being willing to do what it takes for my body to heal. It’s a process. Not easy when you are used to pushing yourself and go go going. Addicted to the hustle. Not any more. But I do love the days where I feel like me and very grateful that I have more of them then not nowadays. So it’s ok to have a day and be real about it. I support you in taking care of you.

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