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It’s Time to Stop Dimming Your Light and Playing Small!

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What do I mean by stop keeping your light dim and playing small?
There are a lot of things that we can get stuck in, being sensitive, that are stopping us from really sharing what we’re meant to share with this world.

You may have a deep inner calling to be a coach, a healer, a lightworker, massage therapist, yoga teacher, whatever it is. Maybe you have a calling to really help other people in a deep way and as a highly sensitive person, empath, and lightworker we have a mission here to share that light with others.

We play small, we keep our light dim, because the external world is very overwhelming especially right now.  There is so much fear, anxiety, stress and suffering that it can be very overwhelming.  It is vital that you know how to work with your own energy, how to protect it, how to heal what you need to heal within you, so that the external world no longer pulls you down.

Until I did a lot of healing and inner work, I had a pattern of being overwhelmed, confused and scattered and it showed up in every area of my life. I would sabotage each and every aspect of my life until I really looked at the core issue, which is that feeling of unworthiness, insignificance, or feeling not good enough.

I believe as empaths, highly sensitive people, and lightworkers we have that pattern/belief to the max. I think everybody has that pattern and that feeling to some degree, but we have it so intensely because again everything around us is overwhelming and we take on so much of other people’s energy, we begin to forget who we are, because we are always feeling everyone’s stuff!

To stop this cycle the number one thing is to be aware of it to be aware that as a sensitive person you have challenges, but that your sensitivity is also your superpower one that you’re going to use to help others and to help this planet heal.

Now more than ever we need your light turned on and we need you out there doing what it is that you do, as your expertise to the max.  The denser, darker energies are being uprooted and that can leave everyone feeling ungrounded and confused, but it is essential for the light to come in.  It is our job as light workers, healers, empaths to do whatever we need to personally ground ourselves so we can be able to anchor and hold more light.  The time really is now!  We are being asked to rise up into that and step into our power, own our worth and really feel embodied in our alignment and taking aligned action.

The first step is you need to be aware of the pattern and do the inner work to discover those patterns.
Look at where those patterns are at in your life, are you sabotaging your relationships?
Are you stuck in a cycle in business or at your place of business?
Are you constantly worrying about finances, or sabotaging your finances in some way?
Where is your pattern at right now, maybe it’s in all areas because that used to be me too and that’s okay.
Be aware of the pattern and realize that it’s not who you are, you’re not just the person that sabotages all these things, you’re doing it because there’s this underlying belief of unworthiness.

The second tool that will assist you in this process is to change the pattern in the brain.
When I notice that that pattern is coming up, like a feeling of not being good enough, or maybe I’m comparing myself to somebody else, is to just loudly yell, “Old Paradigm!”
It is an old paradigm to compare ourselves, to go go go all the time to prove yourself, to be in you masculine energy all the time, to feel not good enough to feel less than, to feel insignificant, so when you yell Old Paradigm out loud your brain begins to associate negativity/pain with those old ways of being.  The more you do this, the more the brain begins to rewire it self.  The brain is always going to seek pleasure over pain.  So it is important to write down how you want the new paradigm to be.

The third step is to take a bold action.  We can’t just sit around and think positively, we have to take a bold move forward. Maybe you’ve been wanting to write a blog but you stop yourself every time because you don’t think the blog is good enough.

The bold move would be to write the blog and put it out, make yourself do it, no matter how much it scares you! I don’t care if you are nearly sweating and like having anxiety, do it anyway, put it out there.
Maybe it’s a post you’re trying to write, maybe it’s a selfie that you took because you just lost weight and you wanted to share, but now you’re scared.

Just post the post, do the thing, ask the person out, start writing the book, whatever the thing is you have to start taking the bold action and push through the resistance.
Resistance will come up, you get to choose if you stay stuck, or push through it this time.
Confident people realize that self-doubt is just a normal thing and they have tools to push through that when it comes up.

The fourth step is you have to build your confidence in yourself and there are a lot of different ways to do that, I have a confidence workshop you can find a link to register for that HERE
Please get out there, share your gifts and your talents, know that you are worthy and good enough and if you need any help with that I am here for you, it is my mission to inspire women to feel confident and empowered, take aligned action and really own their worth.
I also have a 12-week program called Empowered Women that will do that for you over the course of 12 weeks, which is absolutely amazing and it’s live with me each week, check it out HERE.
In Shining Your Light,

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