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Let go of Resistance and Fear

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It’s crucial to note when and where resistance presents itself in your mind and body.
the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.
The area in bold is the part of resistance that we are going to focus on to help work through the fears, or resistance that we experience in regards to our approach to life.
Believe it or not we carry this tension into our body and create physical aliments, even if the original cause was a previous injury. Every body part has an energetic meaning.

  • Shoulders,carry burdens
  • Neck, creative projects
  • Back is for support
  • Knees, moving forward  & so on…

Think about where you carry tension in your body…those are also areas that you may be experiencing emotional resistance, or a specific fear that you face in your present. It’s being afraid to go out of your comfort zone and to let go and pursue what your heart is telling you.
Most of us don’t face that nagging fear, and continue to live in constant resistance or tension.  Sometimes we are resisting something in our present, like our relationship with a parent, partner, or our job.  We continue to think negatively about it, try to control it and suffer.  We create a lot of distress and issues in our life, by resisting what is.  Nothing in life is in our control when you really think about it.  But what we can control is our reactions, thoughts and actions to it.  Focus on what you can control and work on letting go of what you can’t and you will be much more happy. 

Take a minute for yourself and be open to sit with your feelings of resistance and let me show you an exercise on how to start letting them go!

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