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Let Love Win Over Fear

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As I was driving home from a client’s house today, I was flipping stations on the radio, I stopped when I heard about the tragedy in Connecticut.  I was surprised that I made myself stop and listen, instead of doing what I normally do, which is switch the channel quickly, to shield myself in a way from the terrible happenings of this world.  I am not one for current events, I never watch the news, I sometimes prefer to live in my little bubble thinking that terrible things do not happen.  But the truth is that they do and we are all connected and we all feel what happens to each other.  I stopped and listened as the father of one of the 6 year old children named Emily that was shot talked.  I cried as I listened to him, feeling his pain.  He was so strong as he talked about how amazing of a spirit his daughter had and how kind and generous she was with everyone.  I cried for him and for her.
We accept that there is suffering and pain in this world.  As adults we have all suffered and felt pain in our own lives.  Yet when tragedy is done to children, we begin to question things.  We begin to think that the world is going down the tubes, that there are no good humans left, that we need to stay inside our bubbles, inside our houses and not let our children out of our sight.  I can agree to this.  My initial reaction to this tragedy was to think oh no, people are loosing it, it is getting scary out there, I don’t want to leave the house.  This was not my higher self talking, this was my ego that wants to protect me talking.  But my higher self knows that during this highly charged time, we are being challenged to go into fear.
Today I overheard a friend of a friend saying very seriously that she thinks the world is ending.
When something this terrible happens, how could we not go into fear?  Our hearts are breaking for these families and these children.  While I am not saying we put aside our aching hearts, or forget that something this tragic just happened, I am saying let’s let love win over the fear.  We are in such transitional times, where what we think about is happening instantly.  If we stay in fear, fear will win and I can’t say what will happen to our world then.
If we can accept that our hearts are broken and know that when your heart breaks you come out on the other side stronger than before, with more determination and a deeper sense of gratitude we can begin to go into love.  If we can find the place within us that is strong and a fighter, we can have the grace to go into love and have the ability to let love win.  We have the ability to live in Heaven on Earth here in our future if we let love win.
It is not a time to go into fear.  Keep doing what you normally do, keep living your life as you normally live it.  Don’t let the negativity that is out there bog you down.  Go inside your heart.  Go silent.  Go within and find the answers that you are searching for during this painful time.  But don’t let fear win.  Let’s stay strong and stay in love through this most intensely charged week up until December 21st.  Where the light can be downloaded much stronger into us and onto the planet.  Remember to get still this week and meditate as often as possible.  Let yourself be open to these new energies that have not graced this planet for over 26,000 years!  Stay open!
Stay open to what is coming up for you.  Don’t numb it, or push it down.  Stand up and fight for love.  Find it within you and then share it with others.  Let’s all let love win.
Love, Light and Happy Holidays,

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