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Letting Go…

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Why is letting go so hard?  When we know deep down we are all just energy moving on to the next dimension, the next life, the next chapter.  Letting go of a loved one is hard, because we know we will never see that person again in the physical form that we remember them by.  We won’t get to hug them, laugh with them, or tell them a story.  But the truth is that they will always be with us and we can communicate with them, but on a much different level.
Letting go is hard, because our ego likes to hold on to the familiar.  It doesn’t understand concepts beyond that.  It doesn’t understand that we are all connected, that we are all energy.  It understands the physical world and what it knows of how we have lived thus far.  If it has to let go of something it starts to get upset, because this is part of our identity.  This person in their physical form is part of our identity, this relationship is part of our identity, this job is part of our identity.  If we let that go, then who will we be?  We will have lost who we Think we are.
The ego can not understand past this physical realm.  Although, we should not banish our ego entirely, we do need it to survive on the planet, but we can learn to not let it take us by the sails and sail us into the crashing and thrashing waves of our emotions.  We must learn to distinguish between the ego we need to survive and the one that can pull us under and drown us if we let it run wild.  When we are feeling resistance to something, or can’t seem to let something go that is a good indicator that the ego is up to it’s no good tricks again.
The question then becomes: Who would you be without your identity?  What does your identity mean to you?  We have many different identities.  Teacher, our job, lover, student, co-worker, mother, father, brother, sister, friend, the list goes on.  Somehow that identity takes us over and we become that, our ego associates that as us.  If anything about that starts to change our ego can’t handle it and we suffer mentally, emotionally and physically.  But what if we just tuned into all that we are, all that we REALLY are.  Beyond this body, this mind and this physical realm.  That is where our magnificence lies, that is where we truly have no fear, doubt, or worry.  That is where our light is shining so bright it could blind anyone it comes into contact with.  That is where our Pure Light is lying.  That light is waiting for us to awaken to it, so that we can use it and bring that light to the world.  We all have a pure light within us.  It is not reserved for the “special” people.  We are all special and we all have a light, some just have their light on and some do not.  We are all being asked to awaken to that light.  To turn it on and shine it brightly into the world.  To let go of false identities of who we think we are and just become that light that is within.
3 Ways to Tune Into Your Pure Light…
  1. Do Breath Work to help clear out the “junk” that is in the way.  Breath of Fire is great to do for at least 3 minutes everyday.
  2. Meditation-I have a great Kundalini meditation that I would be happy to give to you called “The Meditation to Clear Self Animosity.”
  3. Acknowledge Your Magnificence Daily.  Know how truly Magnificent you really are.  Believe it!  Don’t let the inner self critic say otherwise.  Believe in the magnificence of your very soul.  You are so much more than you know and you just have to believe it.  It does not matter what you have done in the past, no matter how ugly it was, it doesn’t matter.  That was then, but now you must forgive yourself and acknowledge your magnificence.
The world is waiting for you to shine your light.  We all need it.  So be brave and go inside.  Set the intention to let go of anything that is no longer serving you and allow your light to come out from the dark place it has been resting.  Your light can do so much more than you know.
Much love and light,

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