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What is Life Coaching and Why would You Want to Do it?

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Life Coaching is a powerful way to boost your life in the right direction and to give you clarity.  There are many reasons why someone would hire a life coach.

  1. If you are in a new stage of your life and need guidance on it, newly married, just had a baby, recently pregnant, new career, recently divorced, or recently single, or any other area of life that is a major difference from how your life used to be.
  2. If you are having a hard time getting over negative thought patterns, we have all had them and sometimes they are old records we have been playing in our mind since childhood.  We need to change the record and sometimes we need help to do that.
  3. If you are wanting a change in your life like a new career, a more fulfilling relationship, a happier outlook.
  4. If you need help getting over a traumatic event that happened to you at any stage of life.
  5. If you are ready to take your life to the next level and live the life of your dreams

These are just a few of the reasons a life coach can be beneficial to you.  Life coaching comes in many different shapes and sizes and you have to do your research to find what will work best for you.
My life coaching sessions are more like spiritual navigation sessions.  I do Theta Clearing, which is clearing beliefs from the subconscious mind that are no longer serving the individual.  I use muscle testing on my clients to check the beliefs they hold around any issue and if we get a belief that we want to change I can go into a Theta brainwave and from that place clear the belief, then I re-muscle test the client to make sure the belief is energetically clear.  I also use Reiki and Kundalini breathing, mantras and meditation in my sessions.  I then give the client a number of different exercises, or homework to do on their own to continue their growth until I see them again.  I love what I do and I love seeing client’s eyes light up when they are able to change a belief that isn’t working for them and when they see that their thoughts and actions change after working with me.  It is truly amazing to help guide someone on their journey and remind them of who they truly are.
 I believe a lot of us are unsure of what we truly want, unfocused and a little lost right now.  It is a good time to pick someone to help guide you back on your path and help you realize your goals and dreams.
So when picking a life coach, meet with them either over Skype or in person and get a sense of the person.  Do you like them?  Do you trust them?  Do they have similar interests to you?  Ask them questions, why they do what they do?  Where they trained, what they like about what they do, etc.  Get a feel for this person and see if they are the right fit for you.
If you can make the commitment to yourself and your growth.  Having a coach can really propel you into the life you want to live much faster than working things out on your own.
I teach workshops and do private sessions.  I would be happy to set up a Free 30 min consultation with you to see if my services could help.  Contact me at

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