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Life Lessons Learned in Greece

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I took a trip to Greece for just over 3 weeks in September, the picture is from Santorini, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  I assisted a yoga teacher training with Andrea Parks and Elleni, which is why I went there in there in the first place, however I wanted to go a bit early and take a little solo journey to get clear on what is next for me.  It has been such a powerful trip.  A time to hit the pause button for me.
I think we all need this from time to time.  Studies have actually shown traveling aboard reduces stress (obviously) and enhances creativity.  You see when we are going about our day to day life, we often don’t have the time to just sit and journal about our dreams, or try new things.  Between the kids, pets, careers, daily household chores and appointments where is the time?  I encourage you to pause, take a trip and most importantly, when you take a trip don’t fill every minute with things to do and see just to be doing something.  Instead add in time for reflection and introspection.
Push the Pause Button.  Here are some things I learned when I did that in Greece.
1. This need to be busy.  Why do I need to fill all of my moments with something?  I notice if it is quiet and I am winding down for the evening, I still feel the need to turn on something to watch, or listen to.  Even when traveling.  It is like I simply can’t just sit and eat a meal in silence.  So I will start practicing this when I am alone.  Not every minute needs to be filled and often when we are trying to fill every moment, it is because we are trying to avoid doing the inner work in the moment, or avoiding stress.  For me I have some big projects that I am working on that bring up resistance, so I find ways to avoid that feeling by always having something to do.  Can you relate to this?
2. The Art of Living Simply.  One thing I love about traveling is that I do it light.  I only brought a carry on backpack.  I love being able to pack everything and move on to the next place in 15-20 min.  I love being some where that you have nothing to worry about.  Less really is more.  At home, I need more things like a car, home, belongings, etc to live a productive life that I want to live.  But when I travel, there are no things and therefore life gets less complicated.  I stayed for 8 days on the island of Santorini.  I stayed at an Airbnb right on the beach.  It is owned by this lovely older couple in their 70’s, who were like my little Greek family while I was there.  I ate with them sometimes and many times a day heard them yelling back and forth to each other in the tiny home.  They were not mad at each other, that is just how Greek people talk!  The neighborhood cats would come over and visit me.  I spent my time waking up to the sound of the ocean, having coffee out on the patio, writing and taking walks on the beach, I ate fresh, home-cooked meals.  Life was simple.  It is different when I am at home, but I will take this simplicity back with me.  Less is more and keeping things minimal is good.  I will continue this by eating home-cooked meals more, making some changes in my daily life to make room for what is most important and getting outside more!  Also, when I buy anything, I will ask myself do I really need this and do I really love this, will this add to my life?  Before bringing it into my home.  Where can you simplify your life?  Is there a closet you can clean out and get rid of things you don’t use any more?
3. Listening Better.  This is one I so want to work on with friends and family.  You see being in Greece, I had to call the people I love back home and talk to them over the phone more often.  I use the service Whatsapp, which is a free service on your phone that you can call or text any where in the world for FREE using local wifi.  This is an amazing tool for travelers.  Sometimes when you are doing a video chat there is a bit of a pause between what you say and the other person hearing it.  I found myself always cutting the other person off with something I had to say instead of being more patient and listening to see if they were done.  I was rehearsing what I was going to say next in my head and not hearing them sometimes!  So…this is what I will be working on.  Pausing…listening.
4. Love Never Fails. This was written in a church in Santorini that I went to.  There was this beautiful music playing in the background, a rainbow from the stained glass window shone through and onto the pews.  It was a magical scene.  I found myself transfixed and then a bit emotional.  Love Never Fails, I kept repeating that to myself.  Fear fails, judgement fails, evil eventually fails.  But love is strong, patient and kind.  It can change lives, it can build amazing things, it helps, it heals.  It never fails.
5. Lastly, home is wherever I am.  Everywhere I go, I always think I could live here.  I say to myself, “I could really see myself living here, I love this place.”  This happens almost wherever I go!  So I decided that wherever I am, I am home.  Home is within me. It is not necessarily a place, but a state of mind.

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