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Love the process

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The process of life. The process of learning, of falling, of getting back up and rising higher than before. The process of being turned upside down shaken really hard and then put upright again, feeling all jumbled.

This life that we are living is a process and there are high times and there are low times. There are people that come in our life, significant others, friends, family and there are people that go. We have delicious romances and we don’t know how long they will last. They may only be temporary, they may be forever. Things happen, traumatic events in our lives, people leaving, loves ending, amazing events, blissful experiences, magnificent people.
Can we go day to day and not label them good or bad? Can we trust in the process and see the divine in all that happens? Can we trust the process even more? Can we be more open and receptive, more in the flow of life, breathing in each experience and taking it in processing it as it comes. Not reacting to it, just being with it, watching it.
Loving it…the whole process. Just loving each part, good or bad. That is all that it is…a process. Sometimes there is a deeper meaning that is trying to reach us, that is calling us to pause and listen. To see the whole picture, not just are little panoramic view. To take the blinders off and really look around. Pause and Listen…right now. What is your breath trying to tell you? What is your body trying to tell you…to slow down? To speed up? To just stop altogether? Stop and tune in and see. Check in to the experience that is happening right now inside, the lungs filling up, expanding then deflating, contracting. The heart pumping, the blood flowing, the breath moving, the stomach digesting. Stop and tune in to it all. Be with this magical body that does all of these things for us. Meditate with that. Just sitting, breathing and tuning in. It is fascinating. This is the process, or part of it.
Love the process. All of it. Pause and listen. What is the universe trying to tell you right now. Pause and listen.
Love and Light

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