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Follow your magnetism. Who/what are you magnetized to? My dear friend Larisa gave me a great piece of advice, she said when it comes to relationships, any relationship that is in our life…follow what you are magnetized to. Instead of questioning it and wandering if it is right, or wishing it was this way or that, simply follow what you are magnetized to. Don’t question it. Just follow. Don’t wish it was different…just follow.

I find myself being magnetized to people all the time and wonder why. Especially in relationship with the opposite sex. I think, this person is not exactly good for me and not on the same path as me, why am I attracted to them? For me it is more than just looks that attracts me to someone, there is an energy there and when I feel that energy, I know that I am being magnetized. For me it is always about energy. We all have the ability to tune into that and become sensitive to the energy around us. Then we can begin to follow the energy and see where it takes us. But we must first become conscious of it.
Larisa says that when we are magnetized to someone there is an energy there that wants to heal. We are all mirrors of each other and sometimes we are magnetized to someone to get a healing gift for ourselves from them. Sometimes there may be something about that person that drives us so crazy that we can’t even stand that person, but maybe that is something in ourselves that needs healing.
For instance, maybe your significant other is always really defensive about things and that upsets you. But then you begin to notice that you are always really defensive and never realized it. So the gift was in you realizing your defensiveness and working on it personally so that you can let it go and be able to stay more open to others. Maybe you and that person no longer have a relationship, but their gift remains. So getting really conscious about why you are no longer together and seeing the gift in the relationship is key. Even if the relationship was horrible, what gift can you take from it? Learn to look for the gifts in all of life’s situations, both good and bad. If you want to label them that way.
Just stay open, stay in the flow, look for the gifts and follow the magnetism.
Love and light,

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